Huawei Honor 6 is Fast!

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Think Huawei, and some may still associate it with army boys.
Huawei was once considered as a budget phone with minimum fanfare gadgets.

Huawei camera quality

Fast forward to Huawei Honor 6. It is still relatively cheap compared to its competitors.
But Huawei Honor 6’s specifications are impressive, and something which you might expect from a higher-end smartphones.

What do we like about our Honor 6?
The design is simple and functional, slim and elegant, power and volume buttons are easy to access. Grip is good, and the only bad thing might be fingerprints are easily spotted on the glass back.

Speed is blazing fast! Playing Clash of Clans seems faster and video playback on Youtube is smooth. Photo and video playback is crisp and detailed, thanks to its 5in (1920 x 1,080) FullHD screen and 24bit colour.

Whether we are Surfing or downloading, the web is always fast (4G LTE).

No wonder, Huawei Honor 6 runs on Octo-core processor with Android OS Kitkat (version 4.4.2), and it comes with a generous 3Gb ram.

We love the 13Mb camera (aperture 2.0) with 5Mb front (Selfie). “Smart mode” pretty much delivers decent photos for us, even under low light. Focusing is fast and hold on to the shutter for a burst.

Refer to first photo, our girl Boon Xin has hijacked our Honor 6 for her selfies!

Honor 6 comes with onboard 16Gb memory to hold all your photos and downloads. An expansion slot will allow you to add more microSD memory (up to 64Gb) for your games and photos. With a 3100 mAh Battery, it is easy for our Huawei Honor 6 to last more than a day before recharging.

Huawei Honor 6 does not claim to be the most pretty, functional or fastest, but it offers value for money package with its attractive pricing. We love this phone’s small foot print, Huawei has managed to pack all the features above into a minimalist design, which weighs only 130gm!

Huawei Honor 6’s recommended retail price is $549, but we have seen price drop to $449 at special promotions. For the latest Huawei updates and promotions, do pop by their Fanpage.

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