NANTA cookin is Fun and Entertaining

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Everything from Korea is popular, and Nanta Cookin’ is no exception.
Cooking up a storm in the kitchen, the antics of the chefs had the audience laughing in stitches.

The Chinese name is 乱打 (seriously haha!), and the way chefs chop and slice the ingredients might tell us why NANTA is so hilarious and entertaining.

We heard Nanta is the no1 show in Korea, and you do not need to understand “An1 Yeong1 Ha3 Sae3 Yong1” to love the performance.

Cooking meets comedy meet Samulnori (traditional Korean instrument), you can expect more hilarious interactions then real cooking.
Everything in the kitchen can be transformed into a musical instrument. The ladle, pots, knives and even stove!

We witness some funny kitchen rituals too, praying to their culinary God perhaps haha, and someone stuck in a container 🙂
Flute, a goose which refuse to stop quacking, and an awesome amount of drumming.

We have never seen a messier kitchen before, but audience soak up all the fun stuffs.
We even clap along enthusiastically with the chefs.
image credit Sistic
(image credit Sistic)

Along the synchronized drumming, I reminded the kids that our home’s kitchen utensil should remain in the kitchen. No nunchakus or shields 🙂


Thank you to Resorts World Sentosa for extending the invite, NANTA cookin ticket details and synopsis is available on Sistic website.

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