2016 Rio Olympics, Joseph Schooling swimming GOLD!

GOLD in caps. One for Singapore’s history and sports milestone!

Singapore’s first ever Gold in 2016 Rio Olympics, thanks to Joseph Schooling’s excellence performance in the 100m butterfly.

Well done!
Joseph Schooling swimming GOLD
(Image credit CNA)

* Swimming video link

We had our Silver in Weightlifting in 1960 Mr Tan Howe Liang, and Table Tennis bronzes. My kids might not understand the significance of this moment yet, it is really not easy for a small country to provide world-class sportsmen!

Singapore Olympic Medals
(Image credit Wiki)

Joseph Schooling has proven to Singaporeans that Dreams can come true.
It takes a huge amount of commitment and determination to achieve our Dreams! (and $$ investments too)

However, I do believe the hardest hurdle is parents’ support.
Do we support out kids all the way, or we remind them to be “pragmatic”? (Dilemma)

Nevertheless, I hope a whole new generation of kids will be inspired to take up sports. Everyone in the Olympics is already a champion!

Video : Boon Wee Baby swim (Link)


In true Singapore sense (haha), 4D number 5039 sold out and everyone is calling for Monday No-School (pun intended) :p

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