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It all started from this photo. We wanted to equip them with cycling skills, so that they can enjoy the freedom of pedal power. Follow our cycling journey at this link.
sengkang family

We just completed our first 5km community event, “Millennia Kids Challenge” at Sengkang. To prepare for the event, we had to upgrade our bicycles and accessories. Everyone got a helmet and led lights now.

We always frequent the bicycle section at Giant until the folks there recognised us!
Giant bicycles

Now that everyone is mobile on their wheels, we can explore the Park Connectors (PCN) through NParks’ SParks app.

Singapore is spoilt for choice when it comes to Greens. East Coast Park, West Coast Park, Bishan Park, Green Corridor, Sembawang Mandai, Gardens by the Bay, Changi Coastal Road and even paths to Reservoirs.
20151114 millenia kids cycling 5km sengkang health5

We even got a hand-me down bicycle rack from David. We can now mount our bikes and drive to more cycling grounds yeah! Freedom πŸ™‚
Family bike rack

Back to Sengkang Health’s “Millennia Kids Challenge”. The scouts welcomed those cyclists who pedaled 70km to promote a Tobacco-free generation. This group of riders had started at 4am, yet they were still game to be our marshals and guides. What an inspiration for the young ones!
20151114 millenia kids cycling 5km sengkang health

Families turn out to support the event. You got racers, mountain bike, auntie bikes, foldies all participating in a 5km lap around Sengkang. It was a new experience for the kids to cycle on the road (one lane reserved for us).
millenia kids challenge cycling

To quote from Sengkang Health :
“Through the Millennia Kids Programme, Sengkang Health hopes to inculcate healthy living habits in school children when they are young and that they will continue these good habits into their adulthood. The kids will in turn influence their circle of family and friends to embrace healthy living.”

Left photo credit Lynn πŸ™‚ How come our princess ride bike also look so stylo!
20151114 millenia kids cycling 5km sengkang health3

Video (Link): Fun ride around Sengkang and my bike broke down after 3.5km!

Besides swimming, cycling is the kids’ next best activity.
Family who stay fit together will grow strong together β™₯

As part of their learning process.
Kids will fall down.
They will pick themselves up again.
They will learn from their own mistake (hopefully).
Kids will be reckless, careless as they grow more confident.
Parents have to keep reminding them to be careful.
Cycling is just like parenting :p

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Thank you Sengkang Health for the “Millennia Kids Challenge” invitation.
We are proud to be featured too, read our family-bonding article here.

Get the latest update about Sengkang Health on their Website and Fanpage. More about “Millennia Kids Challenge“.

Follow our cycling journey here –>

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  1. haha What a lot of bicycles to bring out to the park! Super effort! I can’t wait for the kids to grow up to go cycling together =) Wonder if we will have our own bicycles or will we rent. hehehe

  2. Cycling is a really good way to keep yourself active and nothing better if the whole family can enjoy it together making it a family bonding time as well.

  3. Wow! Your whole family looks so happy Biking! Always admire the energy you have and all the fun activities you plan for the kids! Reminding myself to plan more outdoor activities and bonding time with my son πŸ™‚

    ~ Audrey @ SAys! Happy Mums

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