We walk 3.5km at POSB PAssion Run for Kids

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POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2016 happened last weekend, families were out in force to join the walk or run, for a good cause.

To quote from POSB “The POSB PAssion Kids Fund aims to support children in the community through different programmes in Singapore.”

This is the 8th edition of Passion Kids Run, we were enrolled for 3.5km Family walk, some were there early to run 10km.

Start point is at Marina Bay Promontory.
20160904 POSB run with kids3

Point our shoes forward, let’s go. Some ran, some walk, we all had an enjoyable morning.
Kudos! We heard a million dollars was raised for this community event.
20160904 POSB run with kids4

So many happy families were out to enjoy the morning, no Haze! It does make us appreciate clear blue skies and fresh air, I hope kids will not take our environment for granted.
POSB kids run

U-turn at mid-year point near Gardens by the Bay.
20160904 POSB run with kids6

As 3.5km participants started late, it was quite hot when we reach the finishing line.

At the carnival site, food, sports, exercise await participants. The most popular stalls should be ice cream, followed by rock climbing 🙂
20160904 POSB run with kids1
20160904 POSB run with kids

POSB collectibles from yesterday, my passbook is different from kids’.
20160904 POSB run with kids2

We are glad to participate in POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2016 and contribute back in a small way 🙂

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