Safra Bay Run Army Half Marathon 2016

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5km completed this morning at Safra Bay Run 2016. Our timing is around 40 minutes, slightly better than 2014’s run πŸ™‚

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon (what a mouthful), Safra Run is actually our first family run. Since then, we have been conquering more routes (running posts).

I am motivated to keep fit for my family too, thus you see me actively encouraging kids to take up cycling and even hiking.

running with family

Good thing we arrive early, so many carparks were full and there were so many road closures! Best thing is the Fresh morning air, after yesterday’s horrible haze episode (psi 190).
safra bay run 2016

Sun came up to greet us around 7.20am.
2016 Army Half Marathon

Love running on the tarmac, without the cars. Freedom to cut across the lanes πŸ™‚
20160828 Safra bay run1

There was a small diversion for the 5km route.

I told the boys these bouncing castles felt like my SOC (Standard Obstacles Course) in army haha, a fun distraction for the kids. Good thing we are attempting the obstacles early in the race, it would be exhausting to attempt the SOC after 4km marker :p
20160828 Safra bay run2

They will love Jacob’s ladder and low rope in the near future πŸ™‚
safra bay run SOC

The 5km route is fun and well organised, the only complain I had are the NSFs (10Km) who were jamming the whole road from Flyer to end-point. 5km runners merged with them after Helix bridge, along Raffles Avenue.

The NSFs (probably forced to join the race) prefer to bunch up and chit chat and banter at their own walking pace. For goodness sake, if you do not wish to run, move to the left and do not block the lanes!

It was so hard for families to squeeze through.
running road hoggers

5km is neither long nor short, but I do have to constantly psycho and motivate the kids. 1km more, water point infront, do not lag behind the “old soldiers” πŸ™‚

We did see a few retired soldiers, wearing black and in their 60s to 70s. Kudos!
20160828 Safra bay run3

My Fitbit actually clock 5.6km, glad to complete the race together with my boys.
Safra bay run 2016
20160828 Safra bay run4

Thank you Safra for the fun family run, it was a memorable journey for me with the kids again πŸ™‚

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10 thoughts on “Safra Bay Run Army Half Marathon 2016”

  1. Good on you for keeping fit with the family! The obstacles look fun. My 2-year-old who’s with me while I’m reading your post kept saying, “Where’s that? Let’s go!”

  2. You guys are super fit! Love the freedom on running on the road and the huge bouncy castle, omg…will drive my kids crazy when they see that!!

    Great and fit dad you are, keeping the whole family fit fit! πŸ˜‰
    Lup Wai recently posted…Our letter Xx weekMy Profile

  3. Wow, I don’t really love running. Always wonder why people enjoyed running together. My husband said it was fun when he joined a similar marathon. I hope my kids will grow up love sport. Not like me. Grow older, no energy and don’t want to go for running anymore.

    1. Running together confirm more fun than solo. Chit chatting will distract us from tiredness πŸ™‚
      I never love to run too, not planning for marathon soon, but 5 or 10km are within my reach.

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