Tonight, catch us on Ch8 1030pm 人气满屋2

*updated 20140216 – the catchup TV is at this link.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Everyone in Lee family (李家) is excited.

We are eager to see ourselves on Ch 8 🙂
Kids are becoming mini celebrities in school haha.

Video : Did you catch our teaser on Ch8?

We highlighted a few filming aspect in our previous post.

We will be sharing more about family activities and challenges.
Discipline, Sharing, Siblings, and Play (in no particular sequence)
And of course homework haha 🙂

The Fun part should be when Ah Ben interview the kids and parents, separately.
Daddy is quite worried about what the kids might reveal.
Did he pass their test :p

Mummy and Daddy will share some insights on each child’s character, and our own “满足感” contentment. We will try to answer everyone’s favourite question :
“Did we plan for Four?”

From the teaser, you can tell that we had a lot of FUN while filming.

As parents, we only have a few expectations for them.
– stay close as siblings
– Study Hard, Play Hard
– grow up to be responsible adults, no need to be doctors lawyers etc.
– 知足常乐
– most importantly, try their Best !

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