Chinese New Year is coming

We are ready to send off the dragon, and invite the Snake in 2013.
There is a l-o-n-g yellow snake along South Bridge road.

Warning, the streets in Chinatown will be packed, do not bring infant or even roll your stroller into the alleyways. SengkangBabies were roaming around Chinatown in the Dragon year, and the jams make us think twice about going every year :p

But if your idea of soaking in the festive spirit is to squeeze with thousands others, Chinatown will be place to be :p

At the stage, performers will entertain the residents. You can view more photos on our fanpage.

The slithering snake pass the famous Sri Mariamman Temple at Pagoda street.

Love the enchanting illumination.

The snake’s tail ends at another famous landmark, The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. Tourists always marvel at Singapore’s multiracial composition. We have different faiths and religions living in harmony.

红灯笼高高挂. The Red lanterns really bring out the Chinese Lunar New Year festive atmosphere.

In case you prefer River HongBao (春到河畔) over Chinatown, we like this swimming carp at Marina Bay. Photo Credit Derrick See.

Families should enjoy posing at River Hongbao. We love our 2012 Zodiac Animals.

Or maybe you prefer some Lion Dance to Welcome the new Snake year? (Performing times here)

Thanks to Chew Household for sharing the Fun carplates, we finally have our own Streetname “Lee Family” 🙂

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our friends and families a Happy Lunar New Year. Good Health and Happiness to all 🙂

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