Packing NDP Funpacks

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Salute to our very own Singa contingent. Whoever wish to donate or sponsor more Singas to us can reach us at our email address :p
NDP singa

By now, most families should have received their NDP funpacks. Our Hip Hop brothers collected their own Funpack sometime back. We were fortunate enough to collect many Singas through collaboration with NDP related events (2015 NE3, Mobile Column, and NDP Funpacks packing)
NDP goodie bag

The usual contents in a NDP Funpack are flags, mineral water, and biscuits. The moody emoticons from the message-cards are unusual and limited edition! Pardon Boon Xin, as she has a habit of drawing πŸ™ when she meant πŸ™‚ ooops.
ndp funpack volunteers

It is a huge logistics undertaking to churn out and deliver 1.2million NDP funpacks across Singapore. Thanks to CSSCOM (Combat Service and Support Command), soldiers painstakingly ensure that every household can enjoy National Day Parade, even if they are not at the Padang.

Can you imagine how many weekends were burnt and the amount of efforts which went into the funpack project? Kudos to the team from CSSCOM!
ndp funpacks

We had an opportunity to experience human-conveyor-belt at Kranji camp.
No automation, pure manpower, endless bags! No aircon.

The kids from SengkangBabies and Cheekiemonkies deserved a shoutout too!

If you are tired, just take a rest. It is no joke for the kids to stand solid two hours without resting.
Super proud of the kids! They really give their best to ensure all Funpacks are properly packed. They even pack extra water for some Funpacks πŸ™‚

Video (Link): Kids were perspiring but no one wish to give up until our line reach quota of 1000!

Super energetic kids rub off each other’s positive vibes.
20150719 ndp funpack3

Packing is made easier with the 姐姐s to accompany the kiddos. The charm is mutual πŸ™‚
20150719 ndp funpack

I had to correct the kids when they were too cheeky tired and address 姐姐 as Aunties!
20150719 ndp funpack1

The Nuffnang volunteers packed a total of 4000 Funpacks in under 2 hours, even the real Singa came out to congratulate us.

We wished to thanks NDP Organising committee and Nuffnang for the Fun invite. We had an opportunity to experience first-hand all the hard work behind the scenes. It is all human connections, heart and perspiration to bring the goods (and hopefully smiles) across. Happy Birthday Singapore!

Do pop by Nuffnang Darye for more photos and stories. All our NDP 2015 events can be found under #NDP2015 (NE3, Mobile Column, NDP Funpacks).

ps.. All group photos above courtesy of Nuffnang’s Gillian πŸ™‚