Mamma Mia! evoked my emotions

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Mamma Mia! That’s me exclaiming πŸ™‚
The musical Mamma Mia! evoked my emotions right from the first song. Waves and waves of Abba’s very best hit us non-stop during the musical.

Besides the best of Abba, I also find it hard to explain to my nine-year old boy why Sophie could possibly have three Dads!

“Dancing Queen” was HOT during my teenage years, but after becoming a parent, “Slipping Through My Fingers” resonates. The lyrics describe a Mum’s “..feeling that I am losing her forever”.

Video : “Slipping Through My Fingers” (from Meryl Streep’s Mamma Mia!)

I might not be a Mum, but hey, my kids are growing up fast, especially my little princess. The phase “Sometimes I wish I could freeze the picture” struck an emotional chord with me, as a lump got stuck in my throat.

Donna’s sidekicks Tanya and Rosie were hilarious and they certainly spice up the musical.
Video : Growing up, “Dancing Queen” was all the craze for my teenage hormones

After becoming a parent, our preference changed too, from Dance to soft rock and sentimental. While I am blogging about Mamma Mia!, I am replaying all those groovy Abba Hits from Youtube again.

Video : I could not really pronounce “Chiquitita”, but this song has such a catchy melody.

Video : “The winner takes it all”

Many more Hits from Abba will bring back sweet memories throughout the musical Mamma Mia! “The Last Summer”, “Lay all your Love on me” or perhaps “Take a chance on me”.

I was initially apprehensive whether Boon Kang would enjoy a musical, as our kids are not really musically inclined. I was not sure whether songs and dance routines to tell a story, would appeal to my nine-year old.

There was never a dull moment throughout the musical.
– A mum’s separation anxiety with her daughter.
– Donna’s past romances (three lovers) catching up with her on a Greek island.
– Sophie reading her Mum’s diary filled with “dot dot dot” (censored passionate encounters).
– Just imagine the amount of awkwardness and sensational moments.

Boon Kang was intrigued during the show, but I did not ask him about his favourite song.
He loves the explosion of colour and music whenever everyone starts dancing, but he was also shy when the actor and actress engaged butt-tapping and bosom squeezing expressions of love on stage (cheeky and raunchy).

I just told him Mamma Mia! is a story about LOVE, and he will understand when he grows up and meets his dream girl β™₯

Video : Leaving you with a timeless piece, “I have a Dream”

Treat your spouse or partner to Mamma Mia!
Let Mamma Mia! serenade and rock (or romance) you one more evening!

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