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Abrakadoodle, it does sounds like the magic word, Abracadabra.
Boon Yee proudly showing off his horse artpiece, which Daddy thinks is fantastic (read better than magic)

We have been invited to trial Abrakadoodle’s art sessions (Marine Parade). In the centre, we spotted rows and rows of masterpieces. Although some are too abstract for Daddy, kids can be inspired.

Arts is very subjective, definitely no right or wrong, only expressions. Daddy is bursting with curiosity to find out whether Boon Yee and Boon Xin will enjoy their doodling class.
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In their 10 weeks course, kids will learn 10 different techniques.
Teachers will demonstrate the skill but kids have to do their own drawing, everyone is encouraged to exercise their own creativity.

More about Abrakadoodle.

Love the engagement between teachers and students.
Daddy can hear Boon Xin giggling, a sure way she is enjoying her class.

And it all started with a shoe or feet. With their feet, they trace out the horse’s face!

Daddy learn that George Stubbs is a famous English painter from the 18th century, famous for his horse paintings.

During their class, kids will be introduced to colours, saturation, diagonal and shadows.
The last 15min of their class will be “Gallery”, a show and tell segment, where our junior painters will share their masterpiece.

This “show and tell” segment is rare in other arts classes. Parents will be able to hear kids relate why they choose a certain tone for their horses.

Horse and pony, the female horse got a colourful mane.
Unfortunately, Boon Xin was too shy to share her story πŸ™‚

Back at home, Boon Xin is excited to show us how she started tracing her foot πŸ™‚

We would like to thanks Abrakadoodle for sponsoring our kids.
You can pop by their Website and Fanpage for the latest arts activities.

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