Alive Museum review

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Make the Alive Museum boat bigger please, our family of 6 cannot squeeze in!

Besides Trick Eye Museum, Alive Museum is the other concept museum from Korea. So, some of the artifacts might look a bit similar. Nevertheless, both are happening for families 🙂
Our Alive Museum review has up to 80 exhibits to make everyone laugh.

The Fun actually starts before we enter the museum.
20141122 Alive Museum

There is no right or wrong posing, as long as everyone has fun looking for a creative angle. Aiyoh, Daddy always volunteers for unglamorous pics! But I thought leading-by-example is the best way for kids to relax and enjoy Alive Museum.
20141122 Alive Museum5

Pop star, some guru, does not matter who is your idol 🙂
20141122 Alive Museum10

Go on, challenge each other to come up with cuter, wacky poses.
20141122 Alive Museum1

We love sports! Does not matter if it is one-dimensional or when “Parents” have unfair height advantage.
Alive Museum or Trickeye

Inside Mummy’s womb, pretending to be Mermaid.
20141122 Alive Museum7

Forget Incredible Hulk, Mummy is indeed slimmer :p
20141122 Alive Museum6

Be careful of crocodile and Superman to the rescue.
20141122 Alive Museum4

Kids are always good at improvising their own “poses”, and the end result is always hilarious and comical. We got some talented ballerinas and when did they pickup Gymnastics?
20141122 Alive Museum3

Love the Penguins
20141122 Alive Museum8

Wooh, Mummy might not be happy that Daddy is asking the kids to act lecherous!
20141122 Alive Museum2

Boon Yee looks so innocent until we saw his reflection haha :p

Some pets are not so friendly! They will urinate on your head. Fortunately, Boon Wee got a shower.
20141122 Alive Museum12

Pulling need strength.
20141122 Alive Museum15

Hold on Tight when you travel by balloons (UP!), can someone please give Boon Yee a hand?

More sports, Street Fighters included.
Alive Museum Review

Cat and bird
20141122 Alive Museum13

Yucks, slimy Giraffe tongue.

Whether she is kissing Spidey or running away from walking-deads (Zombies), Boon Xin still looks adorable.
20141122 Alive Museum11

The boys rock! Even from an upside down position.

Do not crack the mirror or it will be a deep fall!

All heed the King of Sengkang!

Window with a view.

The best photo moment of our tour, so hard to convince the kids to give their parents some Romantic moments 🙂

Additional tips:
– Our tickets were sponsored by Volvo
– We visited Alive Museum sometime back, so some of the exhibits would have changed. We will share some new exhibits for the month of May and Jun
– Do avoid Alive Museum offpeak hours, you will get photo bombs at every exhibit

– More updates and be found on Alive Museum Website and Fanpage
– Our Fun photos have been uploaded to our Fanpage album