Sharp wants you to celebrate it’s 100th Anniversary !


Remember your small pocket calculator from Primary school, or the portable consumer LCD TV from Sharp‘s Aquos series?

These products might have been around since the 80s and Aquos from 2001, but did you know that Sharp is celebrating it’s 100th Years anniversary this year?

“Sharp 100 Years” has come a long way since 1912, to quote from their website :
=== === ===
This year, Sharp celebrates its 100th Anniversary on September 15.
Together, we can build a better future for our children for the next 100 years.
Therefore, from today June 7 to September 15, for a total of 100 days, we will embark on My SHARP Our FUTURE Campaign.

Sharp will make a contribution for every purchase of AQUOS TV and Plasmacluster generator/air purifier made during this campaign period.
The proceeds will go to the support of health programs such as vaccinations to ensure that our children grow up healthy.

Because of your support, we have come this far in 100 years.
For the next 100 years, Sharp is dedicated to creating a better life for all, together with you.
=== === ===

Listen to Sharp‘s anniversary message, as they gather people from all over the world.

At the same time, Sharp wish to grab your HEART, and encourages you to share your own memorable anniversaries. In a few simple steps, upload a photo and caption, and stand to win a chance to fly to USA’s West Coast.

Do pop by Sharp’s anniversary website today –>

Sharp will turn the images and videos into a work of film, although Daddy is not sure how it will turn up. If you need some inspirations, maybe you can view Sharp’s products timeline over the years –>

If you are curious about what other products does SHARP manufactures, do watch video clip below.

SHARP, grabbing your heart !