Aroy Jing Jing and Mookata at Orto

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We were invited to Orto‘s Mookata and Aroy Jing Jing. Most of us are familiar with the barbeque style of Mookata but Aroy Jing Jing is new for us. It brings claypot style (Jim Jum) cuisine from North Eastern Thailand to Singapore.

Kids were kept busy adding ingredients into their claypot 🙂

Nice surrounding and good food, families get to enjoy cosy alfresco dinning.
20151220 orto mookata and Aloy Jing Jing2

Green walkway and lotus pond nearby, kids are curious about the fishing activities.
20151220 orto mookata and Aloy Jing Jing1

Sweetness from the meat, squid and prawn add to the flavorable broth (pork). Be it pork collar or belly, kids enjoyed all the tasty morsels. They patiently grill their favourite pieces and wait for it to sizzle.
mookata bbq

Boon Kang love the fresh prawn, and we are presented with Mookata’s three different chili level.
20151220 orto mookata and Aloy Jing Jing6

Round 2 – We shifted indoor for some Aroy Jin Jing claypot (North Thailand cuisine).
20151220 orto mookata and Aloy Jing Jing

What is fascinating about Aroy Jing Jing is the Thai street facade.
We love the Thai posters and diners get to enjoy Thai pop too 🙂

We forgot to mention that Mookata and Aroy Jing Jing most popular beverage is Thai iced tea (milk tea), ideal for Singapore’s humid weather.
Aloy Jing Jing Orto

Steamboat style dining, and everything is boiled (chicken stock) over charcoal.
Aloy Jing Jing

We ordered mango sticky rice and red ruby for dessert. The mango sticky rice was not hot enough, but we love the refreshing red ruby.

Orto is popular with families over the weekend, be it kids friendly activities, dining or fishing.
Personally, we still prefer Mookata over Aroy Jing Jing, kids love everything barbecued 🙂

Orto children activities

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* Orto is located at 81 Lor Chencharu, and nearest station is Khatib MRT.