Arts Festival Village- Media Invite

Daddy went for Arts Festival preview last Wed. Preview sounds wierd, since Arts Festival will end very soon on 02Jun. More details are available at Arts Festival homepage.

If you have been strolling along Esplanade Park, you must have caught sight of all the activities every evening. The whole park has been transformed. Click on link, in case you are curious about TEN things to know about Arts Festival.

The media group gathered at the Bridge Cafe. Our briefing will be conducted on the roof, supposedly the best spot to capture all the activities in and around Festival Village.

Kee Hong (GM for Arts Fest) told us about the various activities planned during this period. Daddy wonder whether Arts people will always sport funny hairdo or jewellery, as in making a statement πŸ™‚

We were brought to see a wrestling match !! No WWE, no Hulk Hogan, but we got Merlion versus 12 other contestants! We suspect Merlion could be one of Singapore’s pioneer politician.

From another angle, you might mistaken stage as getai (seventh month). Conincidentally, Merlion’s contestant was Getai. A lady who knew how to dance, but could not fight… KO !

If you have young kids, do drop by Kids Arts Village. Managed by kids, performers are kids too, to make the adults laugh hilariously, and to secure your own child’s attention. There are spooky story telling for the adventurous πŸ™‚

This bunch just need to stay still and act cute. All the adults were giggling, gushing at the awesome cuteness !

We spotted a pair of centaurs march across a short pontoon bridge, and took up center stage right in the center of Singapore River. (Centaur is the mystical half horse half man). Daddy thought he might be Merlion’s (the real one spewing water) distant cousin.

Flux centaur

Cafe project – do not expect to eat here, you are supposed to drink and the uncle waiters will dance their ensemble every 20 min. You will hear “We are the champion and “D Tanjong Katong” !

This cafe is ideal for you to chill down with a glass of drink, and be entertained. Daddy believe this was the most happening cafe around Esplanade !

A short preview.. we recommend Cafe Bridge and Entangle to keep your kids entertained.

Boon Yee and Boon Xin checking out this weekend’s event. It seems like Tangle will be popular with our kids (who do not like Spiderman?)

“Tangle” photos and timing can be found here — >

Daddy will recommend that you pop by David’s account of Arts Festival preview –>

Daddy is also a penpal with Young@Heart. View our community-outreach photos :
– More Festival Village photos
– Siglap CC RSVP vs Young@HEart
Rehearsal at SOTA

Claire is Daddy’s penpal, and we will share more about Young@Heart performances in the next post.

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Arts Festival 2012 is here…

From 18May to 02June, Arts Festival is upon Singapore again.
More details here –>

We blog about 2012’s theme “Lost Poems” and 80 years old “Young@Hearts” earlier.
Daddy is a pen pal with one of the choir member, Claire. She must be Daddy’s oldest friend πŸ™‚

– catch the Free Young@Heart movie on 24th 10pm
– Ticketed concert will run from 23-25th May

To quote from ArtsFest website
=== === === === === ===
Young@Heart is a chorus of senior citizens averaging 80 years. This documentary showcases courage, determination and true grit as the group prepares for a concert in its hometown of Massachusetts, spending two months learning new material…
=== === === === === ===

Tomorrow, Daddy will be attending the media preview of Festival village at Esplanade park. Arts Festival organisers want you to remember Ten numbers πŸ™‚

If there are too many events (80 to be exact with 500 artists!), fret not, we will recommend that you drop by “Festival Village” from 18th onwards, just to soak in the arty spirit. We heard most of the events within the village arena is FOC. There will be kids friendly events too.

Expect to see Centaur (1/2 man 1/2 horse), you might have spotted them at Chinatown or Raffles place. The Bridge Cafe project seems interesting too

More information can be found here, some events are free :
All event photos