Arts for Life

National Arts Council has recently launch “ArtsForLife” campaign. It seeks to promotes the value and importance of the Arts. There are two videos which Daddy hope to share, and maybe inspire.

Artists Kamal and Ruoshi are a couple, and they share how Arts bring families and communities together.

We first came across Sam Kang Li as the Tampines photographer, even PM Lee mention him during National Day Rally! Kang Li use photography to break the ice, and he even hosted a void deck gallery, featuring all his “neighbours”.

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To quote from ArtsForLife’s Mission :

1. To raise awareness of the powerful potential of the arts to transform and enrich lives

2. To show everyone that the arts is already a part of everyday life

3. To encourage Singaporeans from all walks of life to participate and volunteer in the artistic development of our nation

4. To help the many committed arts groups and artists who, through the works they create, are contributing to enhancing the quality of life and tightening of social bonds within our communities and nation

5. To make Singapore a more vibrant and colourful city!

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Do pop by to find out how Arts can influence us. Love Arts, Love Life.