Sabah Canopy walk and waterfall

From most itinerary, Sabah Canopy walk and Poring Hot Spring would most likely be the day’s highlights.
For us, it was definitely Kipunjit waterfall (and fish spa!)

On day 5 of our Sabah trip, we spend almost 1 hour in and around the chilling waters, dipping, catching fish or fish spa.

Quick Summary from map : From the entrance (carpark, South of Outdoor sulphur bath tub), we walk North pass Butterfly towards Canopy Walk at “B”. Section “C” was further North, and closed during our visit. After we came down from the Canopy Walk, we headed East towards Kipungit Waterfall.
Poring hot spring attractions

(Point D) Poring Hot Spring area is about 3 to 4 hours drive away from Kota Kinabalu.
Referring to Google Map below, reference our Sabah itinerary post for point A, B and C.

We drove towards Poring Hot Spring after one night at Kinabalu Park. We arrived at the hot spring, but no dip yet.

(GPS 6.045680, 116.703435)
Poring Hot Spring

We do not smell much sulphur, so I guess the spring water is good and not pungent for kids. There are common bathtubs for you to dip your feet or whole body, both genders. However, I am concern that those who come later might be soaking in dead skins from other users (yucks!)

If you have been to Taiwan or Japan’s hot spring, you will not miss anything, otherwise treat hot spring like a novelty.
day 5 kk

From the entrance, we had to do a mini hike to reach the famous Sabah Canopy Walk.
day 5 kk4

Canopy walk, sway left sway right, 40m above ground 🙂
Joking, the sway is minimum, but some “active and cheeky” kids keep on bouncing on the canopy platform!
Sabah canopy walk

Canopy walk Poring hot spring
Sabah Canopy walk

We were pleasantly surprised than Boon Kang and Boon Xin cross the bridge without much drama 🙂
Boon Kang had already surprised us earlier when we zipline between Gaya and Sapi island.

After the Canopy walk (which took around 20 minutes), we headed inland towards Kipungit waterfall. This was a special request from me, and I was glad everyone enjoyed the cool (actually it is chilling) water, no leeches yeah 🙂

kipungit waterfall
kipungit waterfall

A refreshing way to rub off our fatigue and perspiration.

Area is relative quiet, no changing room or toilet, so change into your wardrobe “tactically”. As with all waterfalls, rocks can be slippery and sharp, do remind everyone to thread carefully.

The fishes are hungry and quickly nibble on our toes. We had one hour of Fun at Kipunjit waterfall.
Kipunjit Waterfall

Video (link) : Fun Waterfall and Canopy Walk

Butterfly Garden is not happening, we recommend you to skip. So few butterflies fluttering around.
day 5 kk3

day 5 kk1
Sabah hot spring

Slide pool for our lunch, kids wanted to swim again! Parents decided to chill by the pool side. The water here is not hot-spring, kids just enjoy more slides and water fun. (below 18 yers old, RM1 per person per hour, above 18, RM3 per person per hour)

Sabah street food
Sabah street food

Back to Kota Kinabalu city, we pop by Amazing Borneo’s fantastic (modern and chic) office before heading off for dinner. Lido Square offers hawker centre style food, we enjoyed some bbq Sabah streetfood.

After so many days, we really miss Singapore’s hawker centre food 🙂

Additional tips about Poring Hot spring surroundings:
– Sabah Canopy Walk – you will be charge RM5 for any photographic equipment (x1 ticket for Smartphone, x1 your camera etc)
– Otherwise, it is relative safe to walk across
– Waterfall – Do not approach after heavy rain as there might be sudden gush of water, be careful of under current
– Hot Spring – always dip your feet to gauge your comfort level (and tolerance first). Most venue will recommend maximum 15 minutes, cool down, before attempting again
– Stay hydrated, we were perspiring profusely in the forest
– Wear comfortable covered shoe, avoid sandals. Path can be slippery and narrow (near to waterfall)


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