Aviation career anyone?

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The next time we take a flight, kids will pay attention to ground handlers and appreciate how their luggage rolls from check-in to conveyor to the plane. We now understand the Aviation industry is not only about pilots and flight attendants.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has launched the Heart of Aviation Gallery to enhance awareness of Singapore aviation and promote aviation careers. The Heart of Aviation Gallery is a pop up exhibition with four zones along Orchard Road (outside ION Orchard).
20150621 Caas3

Singapore’s Aviation industry is 50,000 strong, contributing to about 3% of Singapore’s GDP! We need more talented people to maintain Singapore’s airhub status.
20150621 Caas5-001

At the first zone Now Boarding, we can follow both the Aviation industry milestones and Singapore’s milestones. 2004 – 2005 was the year when Singapore based Budget airlines brought flying to the masses, leading to a boom in the airline and tourism industry.
Singapore Aviation milestones

Changi Airport is always evolving and future proofing to anticipate new demands and growth in air travel.
Changi Airport milestons

T4 is not up yet, and yet we are planning for T5 already (4, 5 and 6 is your T1, T2 and T3 respectively).
T5 is humongous!

Mr Lee Kuan Yew was instrumental in Singapore Aviation. He recommended the move of the airport to Changi, overriding the recommendations of foreign experts.
20150621 Caas2

Crystal ball offers a glimpse into the future, Jewel and T4.

Outside the booths, kids can pretend to be air traffic controllers in the Control Tower or push a cart “orange juice, coffee or me” hee hee.
20150621 Caas4

Zone 2 Ready for Take Off, we love the tilt-shift video about “24 hours in Changi”. This zone takes visitors behind the scenes to discover what makes Changi Airport world class and how the aviation community ensures the safety of passengers.

An opportunity to pay tribute to the hardworking aviation workforce. Click on the career profiles. Besides sharing their roles and duties, these “stars” also shared their career highlights and fascination. Their passion has earned many of them long-service awards.
20150621 Caas15

Changi Airport jobs

Normally, we only see Point 1 Check in and we wonder how our luggage will be loaded onto the plane. We do not get to see the background operations. Many people work together to ensure our flights depart on time.
20150621 Caas12-001

Zone 3 In Flight – This is a titanium fan blade manufactured in Singapore by Rolls-Royce.
20150621 Caas19

Learn about airplane parts, play a giant Airbus A380 jigsaw.
20150621 Caas17

Be an in-flight catering chef, you can help to prepare cuisine for first-class passengers 🙂
Singapore Airlines’ in-flight entertainment system always makes long journeys more bearable.
20150621 Caas20

SIA has set a high in-flight service benchmark.

People who help keep our flights safe and pleasant.
20150621 Caas21
20150621 Caas24

An Air Traffic controller’s job is not for everyone. You need to be steadfast and cool, otherwise how do you handle 600,000 flights per year!
20150621 Caas18-001

Test your knowledge 🙂
Plugin your secret card and answer the job-related questions.
caas aviation careers

Yes, we pass the test with flying colours.
Aviation Industry career

Zone 4 Air Cargo lets us view the air cargo sector. Wow, so many things come into Singapore by air!
20150621 Caas9

From accessories, to deluxe chocolate to fresh salmon (Sashimi).
Imported goods Singapore

Cool warehouses, both literally and in advanced automation, to handle perishable cargo. We noticed there is even a special halal zone.
warehousing Changi Airport

Kids get to identify perishables (especially the consumables), and they understand special efforts are needed to store these foods.
20150621 Caas8

Recent VIPS like our pandas had special plants flown in from their origin country with them on their flight 🙂

With a growing aviation industry, Singapore is drawing the World to itself. CAAS’s Aviation Gallery was both entertaining and enriching, even Daddy is not aware of so many aviation industry’s careers.
baby boss air stewards
(Boys role played as air stewards in Taiwan’s Baby Boss)

If you would like to learn more about an aviation career, do take note of CAAS’s Aviation Open House from 13-15 August 2015 at Suntec City Convention Centre. The Open House will showcase education, career and opportunities in aviation, and you can meet aviation employers too.

The Heart of Aviation Gallery at Orchard Road will be open from 8 June 2015 to 5 July 2015 (11am to 9pm), while the Heart of Aviation Gallery at Bedok Mall will be open from 24 June 2015 to 30 June 2015.

We suspect most kids will love the interactions in Zone 2 and 3.