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As a parent, one of my main objectives is to provide for my family, to take care of them. I would be a lesser man without my family, so do not blame me if I wish to be over protective.
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Do we have enough protection? Will our family’s lifestyle be affected if something happened to us?
20150902 AXA Smart Family

Recently, I attended the official launch of the AXA SmartFamily Personal Accident (PA) plan.

Besides the financial coverage, there is something special about AXA SmartFamily plan. It offers a suite of eight services to ensure minimal disruption to a family’s life. If I should be injured, and if I know that my family is well taken care of, I should recuperate faster right? 🙂

The eight services are :
1) Child Guardian
2) Home Nursing
3) Consultation with a Therapist
4) Doctor’s Home Visits
5) Home Modification
6) Transportation for Medical Appointments
7) Housekeeping & Meal Services
8) Consultation with a Psychologist


FLY Entertainment (founded by Irene Ang) artistes helped to bring the message across through a few hilarious skits.
The Blue and Red corner, Suhaimi and Beatrice respectively, led by ringmaster Adrian Pang.

Not to worry, there were no uppercuts nor right hooks, instead contestants helped the boxers to pick the correct answer for the “Home Modification” multiple choices. Answer is a shocking 60%!

How ironic, considering our home is supposed to be our safest haven.
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Some of the services from the suite of eight, the choices are too funny to ignore.
AXA Smart Family

AXA Stars playing out some of AXA SmartFamily’s services. Exaggerated and hilarious, but the protection and effectiveness of AXA SmartFamily’s eight services were presented to the audience.
20150902 AXA Smart Family2

As a parent, I would find the “Child Guardian” service valuable. If I am immobile, I am assured that AXA will bring my kids to and fro from school safely.

I could not resist Suhaimi’s chiseled torso! My boys will be envious of me getting so close to Jojo Joget (The Noose).

AXA pitted a group of parents (safety) against designers( creative).
They are supposed to redesign day to day items like your pram, rocking horse and high chair.

Video : Parents vs. Experts. Who’s knows best?

Love the tagline “Design Smarts vs Parents’s Hearts ”
I would be very interested to see whether the final product can be a combination of the designs from both groups 🙂

What about you? Do you find AXA SmartFamily’s eight services helpful?
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