Dayre is fun :)

We just blog about our Sabah trips on Dayre. Yes, all 6D5N 🙂
(look at gif below)
dayre story

Our Blog, Instagram and Facebook will still be there.
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Dayre (sounds like Diary) allows me to catch up and summarise my daily activities whenever I have some waiting time. I can quickly publish a post in under 45 minutes 🙂
dayre Sengkangbabies

We will try to share some Dayre tips in this post.
Holiday 1
Holiday 2

After downloading Dayre app onto your phone, this is your Start page.
Five buttons to add in your Description (quotation), Photo, Video, Stickers 🙂
dayre dashboard

The first post requires some exploration, but the icon and buttons are highly intuitive and everyone should master Dayre pretty quickly.

Craft your storyline 🙂
dayre storyline

You can add in the super cute stickers too !
dayre cute stickers

Tips. Save the Photo and Text as Drafts first. Only Publish when you are satisfied.
dayre drafts

Once the drafts are saved, you can work on them in offline mode too. Updates will be synchronised to server when you next connect online.
dayre draft

After Publish, you can Edit and change the sequence. Just drag.
Dayre cute cartoon sticker
dayre sequence

Tips. Do take note after published, photo can no longer be swapped or edited

Dayre is simple enough for everyone to pickup, No need Help for now 🙂
dayre help

Need more inspirations, search for your favourite bloggers.
dayre community

More Dayre tips from this video.

Tips. You need not be a blogger to know how to Dayre 🙂

Browse our Sabah FuN on Dayre here.
dayre tips
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