Sorry, Andy is not a lactation consultant

We always wanted a blog name which people cannot forget easily.
Daddy thought we did it with SengkangBabies.

Our blog name has stuck with us, and it has generated so much Fun and Laughter in our home. And we are always happy when friends like our recommendations.

Even if we move out of Sengkang or when children outgrown their “babies” stages, we will still shamelessly call ourselves 盛港宝宝 🙂

Picture below, caption “What is so funny”?

In case anyone forget, our blog objective was to capture our kids’ growing up memories. The second objective was to Bring you Fun. We are proud to be part of Parenting bloggers Singapore.

Remember when someone emailed Daddy “Lactation consultant” about breastfeeding and fenugreek? Daddy was humbled and bemused at the same time. (is it due to our breastfeeding post, maybe?)

For the record, Daddy had to google about “G6PD and fenugreek”!

Then yesterday, someone wish to intern in our childcare kindergarten heh heh 🙂

Someone might have read about out baby-hijacking post, or assume our “bigger” family is from a certain Sengkang childcare centre. Parents now understand why we miss our babies, and would gladly pass their infants over during house-warmings 🙂

Talking about babies, have we told you the two most popular questions for us are :
did we plan for four?
– did we wanted a girl?

Video : Catch Daddy’s confession on National TV …

So you see, besides bringing Fun to our Friends and Fans, we are having Fun along our blogging journey too 🙂
Kid on bus

Daddy ask for volunteers to catch rabbit, and the girl return with a NTUC bag within seconds ! Our friendly auntie neighbour has a few rabbits on her “lawn”.

Yee donning a clown’s nose to bring a smile to us (thanks Daiso for $2 cheap thrill)

Wei the caring brother reporting news at Kidzania.

Daddy is rambling. We have much to be grateful for.
With the four cheeky kids at home, our home is never dull or boring.

And Daddy hopes our kids will grow up to appreciate that “Giving is always more Fun and Rewarding than receiving”.

Engage us online, let SengkangBabies bring a smile to your day 🙂
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ps.. the above references are not meant to poke Fun at people, but just to remind ourselves that sometimes we are too stressed and too serious, with work, with family, and with life.

Take a moment, go back one step, appreciate the simple and mundane things.
Most importantly, never forget to laugh at ourselves.

IF you have ask Daddy whether we have envision to be part of Parenting bloggers Singapore 5 years ago, the answer is a flat NO.