We are Mechanics under Bosch’s Amazing Race

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We blog about Bosch’s Automotive Check-in Week earlier. The week long campaign ended with six bloggers competing in Bosch’s Amazing race.
Our team consists of two families, Daddy Andy and Boon Wee, together with Auntie Phoebe and Denver (from BPDG blog)

You can tell from our Twitter timeline above, that we had a lot of Fun along the way.
Read on to discover how we fare during the Race πŸ™‚

=== ===
The day started with a question from our boy.

Boon Wee : Daddy where are we going?
Daddy : We are going around Singapore with Auntie Phoebe and Denver, we will bring our car for servicing.
Boon Wee : Honda workshop ?
Daddy : Bosch
Wee : Bosch ? Oh, washing machine… (to be continued..)
=== ===

We arrived early at Tampines Ethoz, which is also our first #01 Pit Stop. The kids help Daddy to checkin his Honda Stream for a car wash and 18-points check.

While we were enjoying our breakfast, Uncle Bob pop in to support the team members πŸ™‚ (disclaimer : Daddy Andy only borrowed the costume, and he is not an authorised Bosch mechanic haha)

Bloggers attended a briefing about “accident and claims”. We learn that the most important thing to do during any incidence is to stay calm, do not panic, and never argue about liability. If the situation permits, take some photographs for documentation.

Ethoz is one of the authorised accident assessment centres in Singapore.

Normally, we do not know what goes on when mechanics are inspecting our cars, but today, we get to tour Ethoz’s workshop and learn new maintenance tips.

Everyone took an interest in Bosch’s IPAD Diagnostic kit. This device talks to our car’s onboard computer system, and can alert us to potential parts malfunction.

We hope you know what to do when you have an emergency. Do not call SengkangBabies, call Uncle Bob at 6654 7777.

Task #01 – At Ethoz Tampines, we perform our first two tasks :
1a) Identify the correct psi, and pump up the tyres.
1b) The computer sensor indicate airbag malfunction. We are supposed to detect why airbag sensor is faulty.

Auntie Phoebe holding our results slip for #Pit Stop 01.

#Task 02, we set off to “Euro 5 Common Rail” at Defu Lane.

We have to complete three task under 60s :
– jingle to the tune of “Bob the Builder”
– spin x5 rounds and throw Bob toy, partner need to catch 5 toys consecutively!
– assemble a battery box

We took 19min to complete our task, thanks to Daddy’s bad lip sync πŸ™
But we suspect the kids had much fun cheering the adults haha.

#Task 03 – We head to Autovox at Tagore, and saw a pretty ride. Maybe we could drive a Porsche as one of our “Detours”?

At this Pit stop, Boon Wee and Denver represent our team to play a game of Mix and Match. They had fun guessing and looking for identical pictures.

We are very proud of them.

#Task 04 – We head to Loyang’s Autobacs next.

Auntie Phoebe can only draw what she see from some flash cards, and Daddy has to guess what are the drawings. Can you guess which drawing depicts cooking engine-oil :p

It is not easy when you are running against time, but Uncle Victor gave us some hints πŸ™‚

#Task 05 – We head to Ethoz’s HQ at Bukit Batok for R&R. This is our end point, and we have to wait for all the teams to assemble. The only task we need to complete is Eat and Rest πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, Bosch and Ethoz’s committee members are in the war room tabulating bloggers’ results.

Team Cheryl proves to be “Too fast too furious”, the other competitors can only smell her exhaust. The winning team won for themselves a 2D1N stay at Resorts World Sentosa, with a pair of Universal Studios tickets, Congrats πŸ™‚

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Bosch and OMY for hosting us.
Bosch and Ethoz’s staff were really friendly and accommodating.

Besides having fun, we learn new stuffs too!
Boon Wee and Daddy now know Bosch is involved in a lot of back-end automotive processes (and not only washing machines). We witness how mechanics diagnose our cars. We even got tips on how insurance companies access liability through BOLA (Barometer of Liability Agreement).

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Bosch Automotive Check-in Week – from 28May to 02Jun

Daddy always thought Bosch is about power-drills (those found in DIY outlets) or washing machines, but little did he know Bosch is HUGH in the automotive industry.

Michael Goh (Country Sales manager for SG) shares with us that Automotive sales account for almost 50% of group sales ! To quote from Bosch Fanpage (about servicing)
=== === === ===
With more than 14,000 Bosch Service partners, we are the largest independent workshop organization in the world.
We work with the know-how from Bosch the biggest car parts manufacturer in the world offering a wide range of Original equipment vehicle parts and diagnostic equipment.
When it comes to high-quality, affordable maintenance and repairs for all makes, look no further than Bosch Car Service!
=== === === ===

He went on to elaborate that under the hoods of most common automotive Brands, Bosch’s engineering and patents lie underneath.

Now, why is Daddy suddenly talking about Bosch and car servicing?
Bosch is running an Automotive Check-in Week from 28May to 02Jun.
You can click for more details from Bosch Fanpage.

In partnership with Omy, Daddy has been selected as one of six bloggers to compete at Bosch’s Amazing Race this coming Sat.

=== === === ===
Summary of Bosch Automotive Checkin events :
31May – 10am to 6pm – Bosch Roadshow at Chevron House, Raffles Place MRT
Besides tips on car maintenance from the experts, you can get Bosch wipers at 50% off.

31May – Bosch car servicing outlets (total six) is offering 50% off your car servicing ! Please call your preferred workshop contact for an appointment.

From 28th May to 01Jun, Facebook or Foursquare Check-in at participating Bosch outlets to enjoy a FREE 15-points check on your car.

(All promotions and events listed above are subject to Bosch and Omy’s T&C)
=== === === ===

Bosch motto is “Invented for Life”.

We are looking forward to Sat’s event. Besides looking for Bosch’s mascot “Uncle Bob”, we will also learn about some car maintenance tips. Hopefully we do not have to change tyres or drink Π²ΠΎΠ΄ΠΊΠ° (Vodka) at the pit-stops ! (We heard a Bosch Russian manager will be manning one of the workshop on Sat)

Maybe our car can get a free vacuum service. Our kids love to invite pet “roaches” into our cars with their tidbits and sweets!

For more Bosch Automotive check-in promotions and updates, do pop by and “Like” Bosch Fanpage –> https://www.facebook.com/Bosch.Automotive.Singapore

Photo credit – Bosch posters are taken from Bosch Fanpage

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