Outpost 903 GastroBar

[ Review ]

If you are travelling along Bukit Timah road, you will see a giant 903 water tank.
We were at “Outpost 903 Gastrobar” for a food tasting event.

Although it is a pub which serves up British American cuisine, we had a few Asian inspired dishes 🙂

Chilli bombers ($8) – (score 3.5/5)
Beer battered red and green chili stuffed with cheese. Daddy thought it might be spicy for Caucasians, but it might go well with beer.

Grilled squid ($14) – (3/5)
The condiment consist of tangy coriander and lime sauce, it brings out the flavour of the chewy squid.

Outpost Gastrobar feels like an English tavern, we heard the structure is a century old already. The ambiance sets us at ease, ideal for friends to chill over food or drink.

Recently, Outpost has adjusted the menu to cater to families.

To quote from Outpost :
Outpost offers a good combination of old-fashion American and British bar menu classics with a Peranakan twist in some. Accompanying its food is the wide spread of beers (6 on tap with 3 being craft) and a long list of bottles, wines and many more.

Love the tattered old menu 🙂

Crispy Pork Belly ($18) – (3.5/5)
Not too sinful oily, pork belly is marinated in chef’s special recipe.
This dish is served with mash potato, Daddy know the kids will adore the juicy meat (燒肉).

W.T.F, What the Fish ($32) – (4/5)
This grouper has two personalities, it is pan seared in two different styles.
Really appetising, and we can actually chew away the crispy tail and fin too !

One side is sweet and the other sour. WTF really enhance our appetite.

Crabmeat Sandwich ($20) – (3.5/5)
Generous helping of crabmeat roasted and squeeze between slice of toasted bread. The abundant cheese (and fries) should make kids happy

Cheesy Steak Sandwich ($20) – (4/5)
Sliced ribeye and pork bratwurst combined with home made tomato. It does not really taste like beef, but this dish is addictive. Daddy prefers the Steak over the Crabmeat sandwich.

If wine and beer is not your choice, maybe you will find comfort in sweet desserts?
After a heavy meal, we just have to find extra compartment to squeeze in some desserts.

Mud Pie ($16) – (3.5/5)
Choc and vanilla ice cream pie topped with crushed oreo cookie and cholocate sauce, recommended for Chocolate and Oreo lovers 🙂

Mango Float ($12) – (4/5)
Mango cream is sweet and soothing. Love the layered graham biscuit, goes well with the refreshing mango cream.

Thank you for the invitation, 有懿 and Kevin. Together with Kelvin (Cheekiemonkie) we enjoy a hearty meal and chatted the evening away 🙂

Daddy had previously attended 早安你好 to talk about parenting, our host 有懿 has just moved from variety into drama. Upfront, she is very friendly and personable 🙂

In case you are researching for family dining venues, do pop by Outpost 903 Gastrobar.

More details about Outpost 903 Gastrobar :
– Address – 903 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 589620
– Contact – 6468 4903

– Opening hours :
– 5pm to 12mn (Fri Sat till 2am), Tue closed.
– Sat from 3pm, and Sun 10am (Brunch)

– More food photos on our Fanpage album