When things do not go our way, baluku appears

Two days ago, Boon Kang had a bad fall, he landed smack direct on his forehead.
What resulted was a baluku (bruise, bump) so BIG even Daddy got worried.

Photo above is 48 hours after his swell had subsided. The bruise (黑靑) is dissipating from his forehead down his nose and under his eyes. You might notice that Boon Kang’s eye is not proportionate now.

Fortunately, this will all heal within weeks.

In case you are wondering how big was the original bruise, scroll down to the end of page. We are sharing this photo because we wanted other parents to know how carelessness might result in bad incidence.

(By the way, Daddy had Boon Kang’s permission to write about his misfortune.)

When kids encounter a bad fall, it must be every parent’s nightmare. You start worrying whether there are hairline cracks, concussion, nausea, all signs which shout “A&E”.

Our Doctor advised monitoring Boon Kang for 48 hours.
Fortunately for us, his condition is not serious enough to warrant a X-ray scan.

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From a parenting’s point of view, the last thing we can say is “We told you so“. That would be the one and only reason for the child to keep his mouth shut. We need to identify the steps before the fall, and hopefully understand how we can prevent it from happening again.

According to Boon Kang, the fall happened too fast, and he could not react in time.
He could not even recall the moments before he tumbled. We suspect the fall must have given him a rude shock.

Boon Kang was crying, not because of the pain, but because he knew something was amiss, he must have felt the bruise (which is bigger than his fist).

We are curious to know how he could have lose his balance :
– is his bag too heavy?
– was he running before he tripped?
– it still puzzles us why his hands did not reach out instinctively to break his fall

Off the record, part of the parenting frustrations will be the reminders which falls on deaf ear. We can constantly nag “Be Careful!” at our kids 9 out of 10 times, only for them to fall on the 10th time πŸ™

Daddy told the kids he is ιŽδΎ†δΊΊ, as falling down is part and parcel of growing up.
We definitely do not wish another child to get such a big bruise!

We took the opportunity to educate the other siblings about the danger of running.
” Walk must always see infront, do not try to step the front person’s shoe when running, never walk and watch movie on your Ipad at the same time !”

Daddy is 100% sure that after 48 hours, the kids will play rough again …
Thank you to all our friends for your concern πŸ™‚

ps.. parents are strongly recommending the following treatment, Zambak, Arnica cream or ice-pack (us).

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This photo was taken immediately after the fall !
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