Day 3 Cameron Highlands Sunrise

Part of our itinerary is a Cameron Highlands Sunrise event. Daddy has always wanted to catch a sunrise but the “Z” monster always prove too compelling.

We heard the Sunrise at Cameron Highlands is spectacular and we woke up earlier at 0515. Daddy was suppose to bring only Wei along, but Yi (no3) refuse to go to sleep anymore.

It was really cold in the morning, and Daddy had to motivate the two boys to stay awake. It would be so nice to snooze in our bed πŸ™‚

We travel in pitch dark conditions for 45min up steep inclines, you need an experienced driver as our jeep is very near to the edge at some junctions !!

At the summit, we climb the watch tower slowly, the steps and handles are ice cold, and slippery. The cold breeze kept whizzing around us. At the top, we saw this Orange line across the horizon for about 20 mins.

Sometimes we saw the mist climbs over the distant mountain range in a slow motion manner, just like waves lapping the shore. But where is our Sun?

.. then suddenly at 0710, we saw something peeping over the horizon. Egg Yolk !

The sun rises faster than our eyes can blink, it was all over in 15 mins πŸ™‚
Waking up at 0500, taking a 1 hour ride, brazing the cold weather.. was it all worth it?

100% YES !!

Sunrise, and catching the egg yolk is always a matter of luck. If there are too much mist, the sunrise will be blocked. Camera setting must be ready beforehand, as we will not have time to explore midway.

A tripod and remote is necessary, and a filter will be necessary too. Otherwise the brightness from the sun will underexpose everything else. For additional sunrise tips, do pop by the links below :

Camera Setting on our Nikon D5000, 18-55mm lens, and a 10stop filter (GND filter will definitely fare better).
– Manual setting
– 15s exposure
– F11
– iso 200

Remember practice makes perfect, Daddy is still learning.

Daddy also love the moment when the Sun’s ray caress the green meadows (tea plantations). We can literally see the glistening tea leaves (heavy with dew) ! What a marvelous sight πŸ™‚

Cameron Highlands Sunrise makes Everything feels so ALIVE. Daddy wanted to have a picnic on the slopes !

As Brinchang town is the highest among the three towns (Ringlet and Tanah Rata), you often get mist flowing through the town, pretty cool sight !

We arrive back at our Resort at 8am, just in time for breakfast. We are still excited about our morning adventure, and we are famished. The boys enjoyed their 4wd ride on the jeep too πŸ™‚

Jim Thompson is our designated breakfast venue, and it offers good food and nice views.

You might noticed how our chef skillfully prepare his Roti Canai (prata) with his bare hands ! The plate is piping hot !

This ends our Cameron Highlands holiday. We enjoy gracious hospitality from our host at Strawberry Park Resorts, and the kids really love the farm visits. Do pop by our photos from Day 3 –> Fanpage album. Daddy would encourage you to visit Beetrice’s Cameron Highlands experience too πŸ™‚

Remember to climb tall for the Boh Tea plantation and Cameron Highlands Sunrise views.
Once again, we would like to thanks Strawberry Park Resorts and PR agency “Rouge Communications” for the invitation πŸ™‚

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3D2N Itinerary :
— Day 1 – Strawberry Park Resorts amenities
— Day 2 – Strawberry Farms and Tea plantation
— Day 3 – Glorious Sunrise at Brinchang

* Driving tips for Malaysia

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Next stop, we will descend from Cold Cameron to Hot Melaka.
Cendol please wait for us πŸ™‚