Jurong Bird Park for kids

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What are these cute Lories doing at Jurong Bird Park?

We were invited to immerse in Jurong Bird Park’s June holiday activities. After a hearty meal at Bongo Burgers, we say Hello to Dora and Diego. They will be appearing on Sat and Sun at 1230 (Amphitheatre), and some families will get to photoshoot with Dora and Diego.

Kids are repeating the phase “Where are we going, clap-clap-clap, Jurong Bird Park !”

We are able to enjoy Jurong Bird Park today, thanks to the late Dr Goh Keng Swee’s foresight.

Little kids will be looking forward to their own exploration. Over 5 continents, we have to identify the different bird species, and get the stamps πŸ™‚

Our kids are crazy about penguins, no thanks to Happy Feet and Madagascar. Daddy did not tell them about Bird Park’s special camping with penguins package πŸ™‚

We miss the monorail, is it decommissioned already? Daddy could still remember how the monorail offers uninterrupted view from the top, and we could witness how the red and pink flamingos transform the pond into a sea of red.

So many birds are roaming Jurong Bird Park, there is really no quiet corner.

We absolutely love our feathered friends’ company.

Daddy took the opportunity to remind the boys that it is no fun to be living in a cage.

Daddy love the Kingfishers, so colourful but skillful fish hunters.

Kids love the ducks ! No Donald Duck, but these quacks are so handsome.

We even witness the feeding frenzy at the Ibis corner. The birds were busy spearing the poor fishes in the pond.

Next, Daddy brought the two older boys to attend Dr Squawk’s expedition. We travel around the world to know more about the different bird species. Our teacher kept the class curious about the magnitude of bird species, we even got to feel the weight difference in bone density between a flightless bird and one which can fly.

(This class is recommended for kids age 5+)

At the Breeding and Research centre, there is a nursery and even incubators, showcasing the newly born chicks. An eye-opener for us, as we get to follow a chick’s growing up phases.

Daddy told the boys that our Philippine friends would love to savour the balut.

We even learn about how birdnests are constructed (not those bird-saliva type which Chinese treats as delicacy)

While the older boys were enriching their knowledge, the two smaller ones were busy at “Birdz of prey Play”.

No trip to birdpark is complete without a trip to the waterfall πŸ™‚
But as we trek through the “African Waterfall Aviary“, try to identify the birds hiding in the branches or even fishing in the stream.

Who are the King of the Skies?

Although the Eagles, Falcons and Hawks are often admired, the vultures have an important job as scavengers (Click if if are curious about how Tibetans offer their bodies to the vultures)

The last attraction for us was at the Lory Loft. Kids will have ample opportunity to feed the cute Lories. We can purchase the honey-mixture feed for $3 per cup, but if you go in the afternoon, you might be able to find some left-over cups, as the birds are full πŸ™‚

Video : Kids having Fun at Jurong Bird Park

Kang bids farewell to Jurong Bird Park’s residents πŸ™‚

We would like to thanks Jurong Bird Park for hosting us, the kids definitely had an exhilarating day, do pop by SengkangBabies Fanpage for more Fun photos.

From now till 30June, Jurong Bird Park is running a one-for-one ticket promotion !
(Adult $20 and Child $13)

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