Boon Wee’s First Camp

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Boon Wee wants his friends to know about his first camping experience.
– First time staying overnight devoid of creature comfort
– First time cold shower
– First time sleepless (read the story below)
– What has he learn from his camping trip?

This is Boon Wee’s inaugural blogging article!
[Photos from Daddy but text belongs to Boon Wee]

Mummy brought me to school at 7am. We were supposed to set off at 7 30am but many people were late so we set off at 8 30am. We reached Sarimbun campsite at around 9 45am.

The instructors briefed us on the rules and then brought us to our hut that we were going to sleep in. After that,we went to the MPH [Multi Purpose Hall]to set a team name. My team was named Swaggers and then we started our station challenges.

Shortly after that, we tried the flying fox and then went to eat our lunch. The lunch consisted of 2 scoops of rice, 2 pieces of chicken and a scoop of vegetable. We went to play the “High Elements” starting from rock climbing followed by the balancing on the strings from a high level. We went for a short break and then went to shower. The toilet had no doors and the water was icy cold.

After that, we went to eat our dinner. My friend, Xue Xuan ate 3 servings but he threw away all the veggies. After eating, we were told to take our extra shirt and we were blindfolded with it. We had to hold our friend’s shoulder in order to not get lost. When the game ended, we ate supper and went to sleep at 11 30pm. [Daddy: Confidence walk]

I slept at 11 30pm and woke up at 1 30 am as it was very hot and I did not sleep till 6 30am when we went to brush our teeth and wash up. During the 5 hours at night, we took turns to guard sentry while others partied. The next day, I noticed that the people who washed the plates the previous day just dipped it into the water and then gave it back to us. The plates are oily. It was very dirty. [Daddy : Why Singapore children all so soft :p ]

We played Captain’s Ball and after that cleaned up the hut and toilets. We had our lunch then went back to school.

From this camp, I learned to work as a team with other people. Teamwork is important and have better communication with my friends. I will never go back there again because I had many mosquito bites and I cannot sleep at all.
[Daddy : We will encourage him to join the scouts]

We interviewed Mummy about Boon Wee’s first camping experience :
Boon Wee was very tired when he came back around 2 plus and immediately went to bed without changing out of his school PE shirt. His bag is messy as he told me that he has no time to pack.

We are happy that his confidence and independence has improved over 2D1N.
This will help him when his Primary 5 cohort ventures to China. Daddy thought there should be a campfire to make their camp more memorable.

If the buildings above look familiar, it is the scout camp at Jalan Bahtera, Daddy had played at this waLL before.