Blood Donation

Daddy started his blood donation during his army days.
And since then, he has tried to donate every three months.

The common questions about blood donation :
– Is it painful?
– I am scared of needles
– I am scared at the sight of blood (you will be surprised but females are affected too)

For some of us, the questionnaire might be awkward, as the questions are personal and designed to probe your personal health. After all, no one wish to donate “tainted” blood (even when we have the best of intentions). Questions about your sexual health, travel patterns, need to be ascertained (online questionnaire)

Daddy and his 450ml of bloody O+ goodness, his 40th donation πŸ™‚
blood donation Frequency

In a few simple steps, your precious blood will be collected. You can pop by this link to find out who is eligible to be a blood donor, read about collection process and safety measures.

On the actual day :
1. Fill in a questionnaire (can be done online too) – 10min
2. Medical examination – 10min
3. Blood test (haemoglobin level) – 5 min
4. Actual Blood donation – 10min plus (depending on individuals)

The most important question for ourselves, why do we wish to donate in the first place?
where do donated blood go

About 10% of our blood will be harvested, and donors are advised to refrain from strenuous exercise within 24 hours. Our blood supply will be replenished in a matter of days.

Everyone can help.

More tips about blood donation :
– you can book an appointment at this link
– Donors must wait 12 weeks before the next donation
– you can choose to donate at Bloodband (HSA Outram, Woodland or Dhoby Ghaut), or the mobile locations

** Everything you need to know about Blood Donation, click here. Is it safe?
– Book your next appointment here.

Blood donation Dhoby Ghaut

After you are comfortable with blood donation, you might wish to consider apheresis (platelets or plasma) or register as a bone marrow donor (Daddy donated his bone marrow in 2002 to another child)

– 2010 Bronze award (25 times)