Your kids are so well behaved :p

Is this a myth or fact? Are kids obedient by nature? Do parents really close one eye and let kids misbehave during their train rides? Has anyone witnessed the classic kids-banging-floor-or-rolling at shopping centers?

Daddy guess the answer depends on whether you are a Parent.

When we are teenagers or working adults, we always judge and ask :
– why that kid’s parents let him/her play SOC on the train swings!
– why the parents do not know how to teach their kids
– Why Why Why ?

Personally, we believe kids are active by nature. It is not natural for them to sit down, or stop talking. We can read them a storybook, pass them a smartphone or ask them to play scissor-paper-stone. But once they see another child playing pole-dancing, their instinct is to join the party πŸ™‚

Daddy and Mummy gets a lot of eyeballs staring (xiong3), when we take the MRT.
Daddy will smile back and secretly hopes the other party will suffer the same fate when they become parents themselves keke :p

We need to recognise that kids are active and jubilant by nature, they need to express themselves through words, songs or actions. If our kids sit quietly throughout his MRT ride, Daddy would be more worried. Is the child sick, is he ok?

However, if our kids get out of hand or become too rowdy, we will still need to warn them to behave or risk cancelling our outing. If necessary, we bring them out at the next station, so that they can calm down again.

There are always other scenarios on why kids misbehave :
– What about a child with autism? Can you imagine the stress and anxiety of his/her parents?
– Unfortunately, we also witness a lot of parents who depend on their maids to discipline the kids. We cannot outsource Parenting, period πŸ™

So to our fellow train commuters, spare the new parents your carebear-stares. Parents are resourceful and resilient, but the kids are always learning new tricks :p

As usual, we always urge new parents to be Thick Skin, ignore what others are thinking, do what is best for your child, yourself and your family.

We can only hope this phase will transit soon. Next stop “Seng Kang”.

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ps.. our tips and recommendations are more effective, if you leave your maid at home πŸ™‚