Candle Night 2012

Who say candlelight is only for Romantics?
We were there at Merlion Park in 2011 and enjoy the candlelight ambience.

Candle Night 2012 happened last Sat, we met Tan family and Hong Peng again (same like 2011).

Our family enjoy the tour, watching the Merlion and the Mid-Autumn moon. It was also an event to celebrate Merlion’s 40th birthday.

Kids can diy their own lanterns, or draw some cartoons. Participants were invited to bring their lanterns too. MidAutumn celebration would be bland without mooncakes, lanterns or sparklers :p

The Merlion with it’s spray, and the boats are always a welcome distraction πŸ™‚

When it turns dark, we light up our lanterns. This is the highlight for the kids.

We slowly make our way one along Merlion Park, and look at the other lighting installations.

Click for more CandleLight photos, and our 2011 experience. Click for Hong Peng’s review too.

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