Scrapbooking for Dad

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Scrapbooking for Dad?

Before I attended Canon’s scrapbooking workshop, I always thought scrapbooking was for Mums only. Frankly speaking, give me some manly stuff like GoKart, abseiling, or even 10km run anytime :p

What is this pin, what is that roller or cutter? So many new equipments which I have not seen before. No wonder my face was blank when Claudia was giving the scrapbooking 1-2-3 tips.

… but I will gladly do scrapbooking again.
scrapbooking for Dads

Scrapbooking is a wonderful experience to bond with the kids.
Kids chose their photos, they designed their own covers, and they approved their own “art-pieces”.

This is our proud family scrapbook, with all our good memories.
scrapbook memories

At the Canon scrapbooking workshop, we were introduced to the sleek looking Pixma MG7570 printers.
Pixma printers

Once we installed Canon Pixma Maxify app, we were ready to print our photos wirelessly. Colour resolution is rich and printout fast. I had to stop the kids from sending 50 more photos over!
Canon wireless printer

Besides the printers, the audience is pretty amazed with Canon Rayo R4 mini projector too. Portable, light, ideal for that “smaller” function room to project your birthday kid’s photos.
Canon Rayo projector

Scrapbooking tips and accessories from “Pixma Town”, so much decoration ideas!
20150517 paper craft scrapbook Claudia5

Kids were really hardworking for 10 or 15 minutes. That is their attention span πŸ™‚
20150517 paper craft scrapbook Claudia2
scrapbook with Dad

There was always boxing and paper-cutter to fight for the kids’ attention.
20150517 paper craft scrapbook Claudia6

Or the famous burgers and wings at BWB! I had to remind them for the tenth time.
“Make sure your hands are not oily!”
BWB Burger Wings Bar

Dads out there, if your girl (or maybe boy) ask you to scrapbook, Go for it!
I am sure you will enjoy the scrapbooking experience too.

Scrapbooking for Dad? Yes, YeS, YEs!

Thank you Canon and BWB for hosting us, kudos to Claudia for the invite. Do pop by fellow parents’ masterpieces:

Lemon-Film (fellow Dad)
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