Nat Geo Young Explorers wading at Sustainable Living Kampung

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Thanks to Nat Geo Young Explorer (National Geographic), we went on a kampung trail last Sat. We will share two icons which make our trip so memorable.

1) Wading in the stream (Long3 Gang1) is super cool (pun intended).
Water is slightly cold, and bank is muddy, but once we got our toes wet, there was no turning back πŸ™‚

Natural stream in Singapore, where to find stream in Singapore

2) The second fun experience is Rubber Seed. Try rubbing this seed on the floor and throw it at someone! It will cause a slight burning sensation.

Daddy used to shout GRENADE! during playtime with his childhood pals.

There are a total of 5 outdoor workshops, and ours was at Sustainable Living Kampung, Bottle Tree park.
National Geographoc Young Explorer registration, National Geographoc Young Explorer workshops

To quote from Ground-up Initiative :
The Kampung Culture tour is a rustic journey through the old Kampung lifestyle where community and nature are intertwined. Discover the innovative and resilient spirit of the past that lives side by side with nature. Take a tour around Bottle Tree Park, learning about our natural and cultural heritage through simple hands on activities.

Singapore Kampong, educational trip to kampong

In the garden, we learn about herbs and how Ground-up is supporting sustainable lifestyle.

Farm at Bottle tree park, where is Ground-up initiative farm, farm in Singapore

Alas, chewing on Mint does not seem popular with Boon Wee.
How is taste of Mint

Our guide Hui Ying shared with us some of the native birds which might be spotted around Bottle Tree Park. The caged Golden Pheasant is not one of them :p

All sorts of fruits and seeds can be found along our trail.

Cashew nuts (lookalike), Jambu, Jackfruit, Lime, starfruit, and even rambutans. If only we have Durian trees πŸ™‚

How did Bottle Tree Park got it’s name?
Bottle Tree park, Bottle tree

Daddy used to steal borrow neighbour’s rambutans by trying to pull down bunches of rambutans, with stones or sticks. This generation’s kids are missing a lot of fun !
Wild rambutan Singapore

Gardening, kids grab their spade or hoe and proceed to dig and shovel. We did not know weeding could be so much Fun !

Kids now understand how Nature will recycle waste materials into compost, which can fertilise the soil again.

Boon Yee is not happy that the youngest always got to carry the pail :p

Fortunately, nobody had to clear the overgrown scrubs here !

Next, we hop onto a barge.

A mini river-crossing, feet dabbling in the pond, this ride is entertaining !
Thank you to friendly guide for providing oars power πŸ™‚
river activities at Bottle Tree park

A muddy experience awaits at the next stop. But first, we have to descend the slope with the help of a rope.
Nat Geo Young explorer

The reward is mud a walk along the natural stream !
Adults will find the Long3 Gang1 refreshing too.
Wow Kampung activities, Fun at Wow kampong

Mud, cool running water, lush greenery, serenity, Therapeutic experience (got it?)
Kids close their eyes to appreciate nature πŸ™‚

Video : Checkout their wading experience πŸ™‚

Everyone SHOUT if you enjoy wading in the stream !
river walk at Bottle Tree park

Our Rustic Kampung is just across the river.

Kampung lifestyle is happening and a novelty for our Urban kids.
Kampong lifestyle in Singapore, Singapore Kampong

* Take note the facilities and stream is normally not accessible to the public.
** For the actual workshops, parents are not supposed to tag along, as Nat Geo wants kids to learn independence too. Read FAQ here.

Wow Kampung, wow kampong

There are 5 workshops for kids 7 to 10 years old.

Kampung trail is very popular, thanks to Cheekiemonkie’s promotion πŸ™‚
Do pop by Mummy Vera’s Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (and cicada) review too.

Hurry, as last day of registration is 31st Jan.. After registration, you can choose your Workshops. Details here.
how to register for National Geographic workshops

We would like to thanks Nat Geo and Ground-up initiative (not forgetting Gwendoline for the invite) for preparing such a Fun itinerary for us πŸ™‚

** Some of the above activities are available under the Balik Kampung program. Do contact them for availability and registration.

You can find more Kampung photos on SengkangBabies Fanpage.

A lot of families were spotted catching guppies at Bottle Tree Park. We love the laid back landscape at this location, and we hope their lease will be extended.

More details about Nat Geo Young Explorer programmes :
– Nat Geo Young Explorer website
– age group 7 to 10
– bring along your mosquito repellant
– kids have to summit their worksheet at the end of the workshop, and 10 winners will enjoy 4D3N in wild Borneo !