Do you want to be Cebu Pacific Air’s JUAN?

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Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) is already No1 in Philippines but it seeks to grow bigger in Asia Pacific arena. The airline recently launch a campaign to find Cebu’s first ambassador blogger (aka the Juan blogger). The winning blogger will help to promote Cebu Pacific Air, and even gets to win free trips and accommodations to Philippines !

How can you be Cebu Pacific Juan’s winning Blogger?

– Instructions are on Cebu Pacific Air’s fanpage (“Like” the page first)
– using their jingle, create a safety Demo video for CEB’s crew
– the winner will have to travel to four Philippines cities for the video promotion (Manila, Cebu, Clark and iLoilo)
– If in doubt, refer to Cebu Pacific’s dancing Air stewardesses πŸ™‚
– Video must reach Cebu Pacific air Facebook app by 15th Mar.

We are doing a campaign shoutout for Cebu Pacific Air. You know how people tend to ignore the safety-demo from aircrew before take off? (fasten seat belt, no smoking, no electronic devices etc)

Cebu Pacific airline got dancing stewardess to capture everyone’s attention, we thought cute kids might bring across a serious message too?

We love Holidays, and part of the Fun is actually the journey itself. Daddy thought it might be interesting to ask kids to roleplay as air stewards again, for our own “CUTE” airline.

Video : Welcome to CUTE airline, this is your Captain speaking. please enjoy our cute-version of safety demo.

** Take note our video is for Fun only, your video submission must have CEB’s jingle

More about Cebu Pacific Air :
Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger contest

We hope you have Fun watching our Kids roleplaying, remember the 15th March submission dateline, and good luck in your JUAN contest πŸ™‚