Chiang Mai Day 3 – Siam Insect Zoo

Day 3 of Chiang Mai (our itinerary) brought us to Siam Insect Zoo.  We had seen some interesting creatures from our friends’ visits.

Boon Yee (no 3) is not actually grasping an insect, but we had fun with the Zoo’s inhabitants (think of petting zoo).


Before we visited Siam Insect Zoo, we pop by Baa Baa Black cafe for our late lunch, we were busy with sticky Buatong waterfall in the morning.

This cafe is only 5 min drive from Siam Insect Zoo.

Chiang Mai map
Chiang Mai Map

Baa Baa Black Cafe is famous for their cookies, brownies and ice creams! The main course is so so, but leave some space for desserts 🙂

Baa Baa Black Cafe brownies
Baa Baa Black Cafe brownies

We love the Brownie ice cream and Bae Bae Poo (picture bottom left, do not laugh!) both are delicious and we had second helpings.

Situated at Mae Rim Lagoon Hotel, this is a popular boutique hotel. while waiting for our desserts, kids can slide and play around the playground.

Baa Baa Black Cafe (GPS 18.912287, 98.929304) and Facebook.

Address : 65/7 Moo 6 Mae Rim-Samerng (Old Road) Tumbol Rimtai Ampur Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand



Siam Insect Zoo is highly recommended!

After feeding ourselves, we got a lot of opportunities to feed chameleons, tortoises and insects at Siam Insect Zoo. This zoo has both live and dead specimens, sort of a mini Petting Zoo.


Bugs galore. You might see some of them grilled at night market. Insects are high in proteins and considered local delicacy, cockroaches are on the menu too. (below left, the Madagascan giant hissing Cockroach) .

A lot of the creatures are beautifully camouflaged, stick insects, butterflies and praying mantis. Kids had fun trying to spot the insects. they learnt that camouflaging helps creatures to ambush their prey, or conceal them from predators.

Chiang Mai insect zoo
Chiang Mai insect zoo


The lizard which tried to kiss the Mrs, while I keep looking at the scorpion’s pincers (the stinger has been removed). 

Specimens, these will no longer harm humans :p
You need not understand Thai to appreciate Siam Insect Zoo exhibitions, staff know a little bit of English.

Creepy caterpillars. They came in all sizes and colours, my hair stand just looking at them crawl. The “helpful” staff open each box and just place them in our palms haha, and the kids were game to try more ticklish sensation.


We can understand why Nai Nai (奶奶) is fascinated with her mantis (which looks delicate as a jewelry), but Boon Xin loved the grub. She kept digging them out from the moist compost (yucks!!)

Ant kingdom, what lies below our feet. Kids learn about the ants, bee, termites and how colonies are formed and thrive. It is all about teamwork.


Boon Xin wanted me to tell you that Siam Insect Zoo is the best Insect Zoo we have visited so far. We all agreed that you should spend 1 or 2 hours to experience the bug “stories and interactions”.

Siam Insect Zoo (GPS 18.918101, 98.908355) is at the Mae Rim area, about 25km (30 min drive) from Chiang Mai Railway station.

Website and Facebook, fee is 200 Thb (about SGD $8) and 150 Thb for adult and child respectively. Open daily 0900 to 1700.

Siam Insect Zoo
Siam Insect Zoo

You will discover many more attractions at Mae Rim, Snakes and monkeys farms. We spotted many ATV (4 wheels drive all terrain vehicles) and outdoor adventures too.

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