Our favourite Wing Zone chicken wings

[ Media Invite]

We were invited to try some Wing Zone chicken wings at Buangkok recently.
Chicken wings and drumlets, how can we resist πŸ™‚

You will see the term “buffalo” as Wing Zone is a USA brand. Our Muslim friends will be happy to know that Wing Zone is certified Halal.
Wing Zong Buangkok

The first step is to choose your entrees (Wings, drumsticks or burgers).
Menu indicates 6 pieces wings (1 flavor), 12 piece wings (2 flavors).

Can we ask for more flavors please πŸ™‚
wing zone menu

Second step would be harder, you need to guess which flavors (aka seasoning) to go with your entrees πŸ™‚
There are total 15 Flavors!

Infact, the 15 flavors are always a mystery, first time customers might need some guidance from Wing Zone crew, in order to select the right sauce or bite. Asians would be familiar with Honey Q, Smokin Q and Thai Chili.

Our friendly owner Johnny mentioned that customers are not supposed to like all the flavors :p
Some like sweetness, spiciness, and not many can take the sour (eg dip blue cheese).

..but customers are always encouraged to be adventurous.
Wing Zone flavors

Once the food is served, tuck away. Each basket will be labelled with the “Flavor”.
The fun part about dining together is we get to order more varieties, dip into different flavors.
wing zone delivery

Yummy Smoking Q (picture below). This is almost as savoury as our Honey Q wings (which I did not have a chance to photo before they were reduced to bones!)

No wonder Honey Q is Wing Zone’s most popular flavor.
smokin Q

Look at the glistening skin, there are no preservatives in the wings! No msg-induced dryness after feasting.
Everything is freshly prepared each day, just bake slightly and serve.

“Sweet and Spicy” flavors are more attuned to Asia’s tastebud. Traditional American wings are more sour.
Succulent Thai Chili (2 chilies), slightly sweet but more spicy than Mango Fire (3 chilies). We suspect maybe Mango’s spicy effect kicks in later.
DSC_4227 Thai Chili

If there is chili, Boon Wee will be our taster. He will help us compare which flavor is more spicy. We did not attempt the (4 chilies) Nuclear Habanero!

We will recommend you to try the less spicy flavors first, otherwise your lips and tastebud will be numb after the spicier wings.

Blackened Voodoo (dry rub) is a tad too dry for us, we still prefer the juicy “wet” seasonings.
Blackened Voodoo

Garlic Parm, the only basket which we cannot finish.

Wedges crispy outside, yet soft bite inside, chewy and crunchy. Surprisingly addictive, we have not tasted this texture before.
Wing zone wedges

Wing Zone’s warm brownies might not look instagram worthy, but you cannot stop popping these small chocolate cubes. Mozzarella Stix was too chewy and sticky for us, whereas tenders are pretty normal.
wing zone desserts

Be it Family packs (for parties) or Cheeky poppers (indulgence), Wing Zone will have something for everyone.
20160501 wing zone

Do take note Buangkok Wing Zone might have limited seating space.
Catering and delivery must be a popular option, looking at the endless dispatches.

Follow the latest Wing Zone updates and promotions on their website and Fanpage.
For first time customers (Takeaway), key in discount code “FLAVORHOLIC25” to enjoy enjoy 25% discount (T&C applies). You can dial “6222-WING” too.

Wing Zone Buangkok : Block 277C #01-13 Compassvale Link, 543277
Wing Zone Bugis+ : 201 Victoria St Bugis+ Level 4, Singapore, 188067

ps.. to truly enjoy the wings, do not use gloves :p