The City, edutainment for kids

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Hands up, if you Dads out there struggle to understand girls’ grooming and dress sense. Daddy Andy had to faced his own nightmare when Boon Xin brought him into a hair salon and makeup room!

What is He going to do with the mascara, lipstick, eyelash curlers, and WHAT are those weird things in the cosmetic basket!

After the Hair-treatment, she decided to remove the wig and probe the bald head. Hello Boon Xin, Daddy was embarrassed to ask her what special treatment is she performing ! (Daddy stressed)

We had been invited for some Edutainment experience at The City. Fortunately, Hair Salon is only one of 10 stations for kids to immerse in some serious Adult jobs.

No thanks Boon Xin, Daddy does not need to powder his face (shy).

Although The City might not boast of a huge playground, no swings and slides, nor balls pit, but the edutainment factor scores High for our kids.

The City playground is ideal for kids 2 to 8 years old.

Younger kids should love the cheerful cartoon characters at every corner.

The City is also working with teachers to supplement classroom learnings for young minds.

Party – there is a special room for your child to host a Birthday Party. Birthday packages are listed here. Everyone should have a memorable party.

(image credit The City)

Postman – Our kids pen their letters, paste their stamps and post out their letters πŸ™‚

Group activity Treasure Hunt – Besides the individual stations, kids should participate in the treasure hunt too. Clue will lead them to each station, and perform a task.

Fishing is one of them.

Costumes – Kids are encouraged to change into their favourite characters !
where to find superleague constume for children

Superheroes – It is not everyday that we can see Superheroes. Look at Boon Yee’s Superman, he got some serious biceps and six packs!

Superman, IronMan, and Batman. Sometimes they are partners, some other times they fight over WonderWoman battle each other.

In their combat, they will tear down the “buildings”.

And rebuild and demolish again…

Hero! is the boys’ domain. They spend the most time here wrecking Havoc !
Just look at Boon Kang’s cheeky face.

Daddy is just glad that Boon Xin did not turn into Incredible Hulk to challenge her brothers. But Daddy is also slightly disappointed that she refuse to dress up as Cinderella.

Girls functions differently from boys, and ours is cool about Nerf Gun but not Dress πŸ™

Cinderella costume for girl

Policeman – In between their “jobs”, kids will be hopping onto their rides to patrol the neighbourhood. Kids love the Police uniform.

Engineer – Boon Kang loves to be an engineer, either he likes the goggles, or he likes to direct traffic.

Fireman – While the smaller two fight fires with their extinguishers. Yes Chief!

Boon Kang still cannot make up mind to be fireman or engineer.

Nursing – From Cinderella to Nightingale, Boon Xin always like to take care of babies. Maybe because she does not have any younger siblings to sayang (adore)?

Anyway, at the clinic, she needs to learn how to take a temperature and handle a sick toddler.

Classroom – there is a small room with plenty of activities for the kids. Cars, dinosaurs, castles and anything the child desire.

While the kids are exploring The City, parents can catch up on their readings at one corner. Parents can also volunteer to play cashier, customer or if you Dare, hair salon !

Sorry, Daddy still does not trust Boon Xin’s rebonding skills.

Chef or Waiter? Kids can take the customers’ orders and proceed to prepare a 5-course meal at the kitchen. Daddy hopes one of them will develop the passion to cook like those Junior-MasterChef contestants !

Supermarket should be Fun. You get to shop, use money and wheel the cart all over the premise ! They have to buy everything on their shopping list.

Kids need to identify the goods, count and get the correct change for their purchase.

Daddy is impressed with the Supermarket’s wide variety. Kids will definitely be a great help when we go grocery shopping.

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Video : The kids are busy at work πŸ™‚

We have been to Kidzania Malaysia before but that is like a Full-time job (whole day effort).
At The City, kids take their time to learn and play at various section. The staff would be on hand to guide the kids in their understanding.

Fun and Learning goes hand in hand. We love the way kids are encouraged to explore and ask questions about real life jobs.

Thank you the The City for the invitation, SengkangBabies really enjoy “working” at your office !

More updates about the City can be found on their Website and Fanpage.
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More Information :
Phone : 6250 6507
Opening hours : Mon to Sun – 10am to 7pm
Address : 177 River Valley road, Liang Court #03-04A S(179030)

Admission Fees
– Under 2 years, $18
– 2 years and above, $22
– Adults, Free
– Babies under 1 year, Free (if accompanied by a paid sibling)

– Weekdays – unlimited visit
– Weekends & Public Holidays – limited to 2 hours