Chinese Zodiac animals sequence and Chinese New Year

A few more days to go before the GOAT gallops to the 15th day of Chinese New Year (CNY). Thanks to the kids, Daddy now know GOAT ranks Number 8 on the Chinese Zodiac animals (十二生肖).

This CNY, the kiddos show us a few other tricks too. They know how to play Mahjong! It was hilarious watching them “grab” their tiles, just nice we got four kids (脚) to start a game :p

Just in case you are wondering why SengkangBabies is promoting gambling, kids are actually playing Jenga haha.
Chinese New Year Mahjong

Daddy always forget the Zodiac animals sequence, except first is Rat and last is Pig. Fortunately kids came to the rescue with a catchy tune. The only downside is kids insist parents sing 100 times with them every day.

Video : How to remember the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals

Lastly, when did Boon Yee pick up Piano? Although he is banging the notes, he got some “pattern” right?

Traditionally, this is what we do during Chinese New Year. On the first day, kids will start queuing for 紅包 (red packets). We insist each one come up with a different Chinese New Year greeting 🙂

Sort of a rehearsal for them before we go visiting.

OOTD for our family, not sure what is OOTD, ask the kids :p

Wishing Good Health for everyone 🙂

Feasting always start with 团圆饭 (reunion dinners), followed by endless meals (and snacks) at relative’s homes.

Kids love the selfie stick! They are taking turns to take wefies 🙂

Enjoying cousin’s company. Eating, playing, chit-chating. Having Fun!

Along the packed schedule, we celebrated Mummy’s Birthday on CNY day 2 (初二).

Other Chinese New Year activities.

A few more sunsets, and just like that, Chinese New Year 15th will be this Thursday. Just 12 months ago, we instagram our daily activities (click for story).

A new start, a period to appreciate what we have achieve together as a family and to collectively appreciate our blessings. To everyone, 新年快乐 心想事成 🙂

Flower Dome Chinese New Year with Goats

Goats have invaded Flower Dome Chinese New Year!

The rock foundations at Gardens by the Bay seem to have crystallized overnight! Scenic backdrop, family photos will have a bit of Chinese portrait feeling (literally).
CNY decoration Gardens by the Bay

Wait till you go down to the valley (Flower Bed), herds of goats are happily munching on the flowers, while others are rock climbing. 栩栩如生! And they are not shy of guests too!

Boon Wee found his own goat 🙂

Gardens by the Bay’s 2015 Chinese New Year theme is “Asian Tales”, and this is the year of the goat(羊).

KumQuat, auspicious couplets add to the festive landscape. Couplets with auspicious idioms were spotted at every corner.

With so many flowers and goats, families were all beaming and soaking in the festive atmosphere, 喜气洋洋!

You might not believe it but everyone in SengkangBabies owns an unique animal. We got Tiger, Rat, Goat, Chicken, Pig and Cow in our home!

No wonder so noisy.

Flowers are in full bloom. Chrysanthemums, Dahlia, Pussy willows and Orchids. There is Cherry blossom too Wow! (has not bloomed yet).

The bright orange yellow pink and red petals really add bountiful and rich colours to the Chinese New Year mood.

Pretty blooms, so colourful and vibrant!

My favourite flower, Dahlia Rural Leah (tounge twisting name)

Playing with Goats, the crazy siblings wanted the goats to kick their butts!

Our colourful outfits added to the photo vibrancy and richness ! The goats really make everyone meh smile 🙂

While Boon Wee is contented with his pet goat, Boon Xin was more pragmatic and tried to smuggle a gold ingot home.

To quote from GBTB “Asian Tales” is the first of six chapters as Gardens by the Bay embarks on a storytelling journey in 2015. This enchanting series of floral displays for the year will draw visitors into the magical world of folklore, legends, fairy tales and nursery rhymes as told through the language of plants.”

Video : We have some beautiful GBTB calenders to giveaway! Gallop over to SengkangBabies Fanpage (contest ends 06Feb).

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