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December is the month of feasting and celebrations.

Families and business celebrates Christmas, New Year, the festive season,
and in Singapore, it means Food, and more Food.

We have two boys celebrating their Birthdays in Dec, and we suspect parents always fret about buffet choices too.

– what should we order?
– which cuisine is suitable for our guests (big and small) ?
– is the food delicious?
– which menu fits our budget?
– most importantly, is the food recommended?

Have you heard of FoodLine before?
It is Singapore’s largest portal for catering with over 40 caterers and thousands of reviews, it offers parents more options. Click on video to see their business model.

Finding your perfect banquet cannot be easier.

foodline buffet caterer

Good caterer and food make or break a party !
If the food is bad, it will become a guest’s takeaway memory from the party πŸ™

At FoodLine, there is more than one way to fulfill your party requirement.
If you intend to cater for a mini Christmas party, just click on Top menu “Caterers“, then “Christmas 2013 caterers“.

Hello Log cakes, Turkeys, Roast beef, Ham, Eclair, and Gingerbread cookie.
Everything from the kitchen is listed for your selection.
Christmas buffet

When it comes to children’s birthday parties, we are always on the lookout for reliable caterers. Word of mouths recommendation is highly sought after, and parents hunt for online reviews and recommendations.

Did you know that FoodLine‘s reviews are written by happy customers? It gives us more confidence when reviews are objective and honest.

Click on the “Reviews” section, and the intuitive and friendly guide will help consumers fine-tune their gourmet requirement. You can even list the selection by ratings and reviews.

Secretaries and assistants will be happy with FoodLine‘s quotation feature.
We do not need to waste too much time shortlisting suitable caterers.
(only for orders above $2,000)

Sign up with FoodLine now, and stand to win $1,000 vouchers, free catering or Log cakes!
Christmas buffet promotion

Be it Tim Sum, Peranakan, Asian, Western, Thai, Halal or Vegetarian, give FoodLine a try. We are glad to find a few caterers who are willing to accommodate a minimum of 10 guests.

More Christmas caterers are listed here.
Foodline caterers

For the latest updates and promotions, do pop by FoodLine website and Fanpage.

Contact :
Phone: 6100 0029

** Image credit : All images above are from FoodLine website