Christmas at Universal Studios Singapore

From now till 04Jan 2015, you can celebrate Christmas at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) with snow falling everyday, every hour. Ok, not real snow but still WoW!

Catch the “snow” at three different zones (Hollywood, New York and Sci-Fi).
Snow in Singapore

Before we proceed, get familiar with the Seven Worlds orientation, and plan your own itinerary. Try to plan the attractions and activities close by, so that you do not need to constantly rush from one corner to another. (research USS schedules at this link)

Hollywood, New York and Sci-Fi City

Video : Snowy Christmas celebration at USS

Pretty Day and Night. USS has been decked up in glittery accessories.
Eager revelers could not wait to soak in the festive atmosphere.

On the main stage at New York, Dancing lights play on the building facade and Christmas Tree. Toy soldiers and Sesame Street will perform on the same stage too.

Do remember to say Ho Ho Ho to Uncle Santa Claus, he appears every hour to pose with visitors πŸ™‚

Snow falling around Bumble Bee and Evac!

On a side note, always make Transformers 3D ride your first ride, queues of up to 1 hour is very common!

Sesame Street is all around us, and they never fail to raise the Festive mood up a notch!

Merry Christmas Ernie, Bert and Grover! As usual, Elmo always got the longest queue.

Do not miss award-winning “Sesame Street Saves Christmas” musical at Pantages, four shows daily for you to sing along. Besides the entertaining musical, the couch and aircon offers tired parents a 5min power nap well deserved rest.

Watch how Hollywood’s special effects allow a Cat 5 Hurricane to tear down a warehouse, specially hosted by Steven Spielberg.

The Lost World

We went splashing with Rapids Adventure. Do not bring raincoat along, as getting wet is part of the Fun.

Canopy Flyer, it feels so GOOD to dangle your feet in the sky!
So carefree, soaring just like a bird.

More birds and flight, smaller kids and grandparents can tame a Pteranodon.

Water World, get front row seat for a WET experience like no other!
(just pack additional underwear)

Far Far Away

Shrek’s Castle and Mud house. Even the loo is decorated for Christmas :p

Puss in Boot (upcoming ride with giant beanstalk!) and Enchanted Airways (roller coaster).

Is Boon Xin adorable or not? She likes to stick out her tongue in all the photos!

Madagascar. Move it! Move it!

Ancient Egypt

Smaller kids might love to play “Treasure Hunters” on the slow jeep.

.. the bold ones can step inside the temple and duel with “Revenge of the Mummy”.
Faster, darker, and reverse gear too!

Maybe it is too dark and Daddy cannot see anything, he thought Legoland’s Dragon is more scary.

Video – Universal Studios Singapore rides

The characters will pop up at different intervals to greet and meet. If you are visiting on a weekend (and selected Holidays), do not miss the once-a-day Dream Parade. Everyone from USS’s Seven Zones will come out on their floats to say Hello! (click for our previous Parade)

Universal Studios Singapore offers tons of opportunity for family photos.

Snowy christmas Universal studios Singapore

Can we bring these huge prezzies home?

We spent 11 hours to soak in Festive Christmas at Universal Studios Singapore, tiring but definitely memorable. Thank you RWS for the invitation πŸ™‚

** Tips for first time visitors
– Plan your itinerary beforehand, save time and avoid disappointment, some attractions need you to be seated 15 minutes beforehand.
– ticket details online at RWS website
– if budget allows, grab Express Tickets to avoid the queues (weekend crowd is crazy!)
– bring spare clothes (in case you like Wet activities in Lost World)
– slap on sunblock lotion and drink lots of water
– food portion is generally bigger, most meal cost $8 and above

– get the latest USS updates on their Website, Fanpage and Instagram

(image credit USS)

Do pop by our previous USS experiences here. More “Christmas at Universal Studios Singapore” photos can be found on our Fanpage album.

Tanglin Mall is snowing

The shopping Malls along Orchard road will be lightup with festive decorations and lightings to welcome Christmas annually. We also know Tanglin Mall is the most happening snow party in town! When we play with foam snow in 2009, Boon Xin was only 5 months old.

Boon Xin is trying to tell you Tanglin Mall is happening before Christmas πŸ™‚

From now till 01Jan 2012, Tanglin Mall is greeting kids (and adults) with Snow. It is really foam, but who cares :p

Weekday – 7:30pm and Weekend – 7:30pm and 8:30pm (two sessions).

Actually 7.30pm is 15min of Avalanche (read hugh dose of foam!), and 7:45pm is Snow.

Kids start gathering at 7pm, in anticipation of Fun.

Then suddenly, you hear kids screaming in delight. The foam party has started. To get the best photos, parents need to dive deep into the thick of action. At the center of the Avalanche !

Be careful of smaller kids, as it could be dangerous if they slip and fall.

Whatever caught Kang’s attention. You know he is in a world of his own, Snow world πŸ™‚

Look at how Wei and Yi apply shampoo for themselves !

Boon Xin was initially apprehensive. The hugh crowd and foam could have spook her. It does not help that her bros were so “helpful” scooping soap into her hair and face! Daddy need to bring her around to orientate her. After she warms up…

Video : Watch this video for some fantastic Snow adventure!

Camera might be slightly damn from the snow flakes, but these Fun expressions are totally worth it !

Boon Yee must be thinking, “If only this is real snow” πŸ™‚

Shoes, forgotten.

Are your kids in the mood for some Snow fun after reading our adventure?
Read our Tanglin Snow adventure in 2009 or browse more cool photos in our fanpage album πŸ™‚

More tips :
– we found kids in swimwear (and goggles!), and rain coats. Just wear something comfortable.
– There is washup corner after all the fun, parents just need to bring a towel and spare clothes along.