Tulips in Tropical Singapore !

[Media Invite]

Thanks to KLM, 20 000 Tulip Bulbs (郁金香) have been air-flown all the way from Holland. Tulips, Windmill and clogs remind us of Holland.

You do not need to fly 12 hours to visit your favourite blooms. From 29th April to 20th May, Gardens By The Bay (GBTB)’s colourful TulipMania will amaze you.

We were invited to do some gardening, and Boon Yee still does not know his hands will get dirty.

Before we start, we need to attend Tulips 101 crash course.

Hundreds of boxes, the content does not look anything like Tulips yet, but we know something magical awaits in a few days.

We had students from Temasek JC to cultivate the field with us.

In case we forget the colours, there is actually a Tulips masterplan.

We heard there is a time-lapse camera capturing the budding Tulips. Daddy cannot wait to see the Tulips explode into colours.

Once the Tulips start blooming, we might see something like this? You can expect Windmills and clogs in the Gardens !

Flower Dome was closed to accommodate the makeover. We saw professional gardeners spruce and prune, skillfully decorating Tall Vases in under 30 mins !

Boon Yee must be the youngest Gardener on that day 🙂

YES, we need to get our hands dirty, but no one is complaining 🙂

It was a new experience for us, how many will get a chance to do gardening in the Flower Dome? Thank you Ferne for the father son photos 🙂

While we are taking a break, we admire the eggs and bunny from Easter.

After today, we appreciate the efforts and hardwork needed to change FlowerBed every season. It still feels weird to talk about four seasons in humid Singapore.

Video : Hardworking Volunteers planting Tulips

Now, we just have to wait. Make a date, 29th April.

We would like to thanks Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) for the invite, both Daddy and Yi had a memorable outing. Check out the photos of us perspiring on the Flower field 🙂

As May12 is Mother’s day, a series of events are cater with Mums in mind.

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