Fiji trip Day 1 and 2

Bula! Vinaka! First two words we need to pickup for our Fiji trip πŸ™‚
Bula is “Welcome/Hello” and Vinaka is “Thank you”.

Fiji Airways make sure we get the orientation before we even touch down. Since 2016 April, Fiji Airways flies direct from Singapore To Fiji (Nadi Airport) in 10 hours.
fiji Bula vinaka

Most people still do not know where is FIJI.
– Somewhere near Mount Fuji?
– You mean the Fiji water is from a “real” country?

Fiji is actually nearer to Auckland and Brisbane.
fiji day 1 and 21

Fiji water and Hibiscus can be found everywhere during our Fiji trip.
Fiji trip

Radisson Blu Resort for our first hotel. Palm trees, clear blue skies, exactly what we are expecting of carefree Fiji.
fiji day 1 and 23

Breakfast by the sea, dinner with a view of sunset. This is how resort life should be πŸ™‚
fiji day 3

Very soon, we are used to Bula greetings, which much be shouted BULAaaaaaaa! with a big grin πŸ™‚

We can hear constant laughters coming from the caring nannies inside Radisson’s kids club.
fiji day 1 and 24

Decent room and amenities, comfortable for families.
fiji day 31

Denarau Marina for our offshore adventures. This marina is where all nearby islands can be reached.
fiji vacation

Cloud 9 is literally a floating pub in the middle of nowhere. Imagine our delight when our speedboat suddenly reach the azure waters.

You can simply chill, drink or enjoy the waters. Do not expect any corals or colourful fishes, it is like a “swimming pool” out in the open sea. Cool.
fiji cloud 9

Cloud 9 would be recommended for friends who want to chill, maybe not so suitable for families (lack of kids friendly activities)
Do take note snorkel gear is not available for rental.

Video (link) : Fiji loud 9, I call it an Atas Kelong

Team Fiji, our pretty and friendly gals (from L to R) Yina, Evonne, Jessica, Mabel (NN), Joyce, Xin Lin and Christina (NN).

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Fiji itinerary

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Day 1 and 2
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ps.. Our trip is sponsored by Fiji Airways and Fiji Tourism. Vinaka!