CNY activities

Chinese Lunar New Year is the period to catch up with relatives and friends.
When we are pinching on all the bak-kwa and CNY cookies from house to house, who need to have a proper lunch :p

Chinese families will normally start with a reunion dinner (团圆饭). Family will gather together for a meal. We got fish and duck on our table, but Kinship and Family warmth is of utmost importance, and Daddy hopes the kids will learn the significance of reunion dinners.

Yummy spread of cuisine, courtesy of 奶奶 (Nai Nai) 🙂

Day 1 CNY starts with our own families. Kids are deck in new clothes top to bottom. Even Boon Xin decides to apply same nail-polish as Mummy.

大舅 (Da Jiu)’s house will traditionally have offerings for deities. Everyone shout “HUAT AH” (meaning prosperous), Daddy show kids the WHAT HUAT kueh.

Together, we will head to visit No2 and No3 Lau(3) Gou(1). Daddy is sorry that his “Chinese relatives hierarchy” is pathetic. Hopefully, the family photos will make it easier to explain the hierarchies to our kids :p

Day 1 will normally end with Dinner at AMK. On a cold day, pepper pig-innard soup and delectable curry really warms us up. We really look forward to Lau Kim’s Ngong Hiang every year. (click for more photos from 2011)

Day 2 – Pin Pin 姑姑’s home with more tidbits 🙂

More family photos 🙂

We found our own Zodiac representatives at AMK Hub 🙂

Kids cannot resist posing with the colourful sculptures. Then they ask what is 犯太岁 (Google will discover something related to planet Jupiter)?

Family Warmth, Love and Thoughts, kept us warm during this festive period.
Angpows and candies kept kids happy 🙂

We hope you are enjoying your Chinese New Year celebrations too.
Wishing you and your Family, Health and Happiness, 新年快乐, 龙马精神 🙂

The water Snake really rings true, rain is still pouring on CNY day4.
(More photos on Daddy’s album)