Heap Seng Leong Kopi + butter coffeeshop

星期二特写 (Tuesday report) ran a series on Coffee (南洋香) sometimes back.

The documentary aims to highlight our coffee heritage, from the coffee plantations in Indonesia, the roasting of coffee beans in factories, to the traditional stalls in Singapore. Old school coffee shop (传统咖啡店) still brew their coffee in socks 🙂

One of the highlighted stall is Heap Seng Leong Kopitiam, located at Block 10, North Bridge Road, and it is famous for adding BUTTER into it’s coffee ! This mixture might not goes down well with everyone, but the older folks do not mind.

Yup, even Boon Yee cannot believe it. Who would put a slice of thick butter (normally goes with kaya-toast) into our Kopi?

..in the spirit of adventure..

While the kids gobble down their egg yolk. Daddy thought he would scout around the old premise.

Some of the furniture and accessories might have been from the earlier decades.

When Daddy got back, Boon Yee and Boon Xin had finished every last drop of egg, and every crumb of bread !

Verdict :
Butter in Kopi – 7/10 – too oily for Daddy
Toast & Egg – 8/10 (normal)
Atmosphere – 9/10. Fantastic ambiance, old style music in the background, drinking our kopi in style.

If the old uncle customers are not swearing, Daddy will give 9.5 for ambiance.

Video : Munch Munch, let Boon Yee and Boon Xin show you their “enjoyment”

The two coffee stalls highlighted under 南洋香 are listed below :

1)Heap Seng Leong Kopitiam
Blk 10, North Bridge Road, #01-5109
4am-8pm daily

2)Seng Hong Coffee Shop
Blk 58, Lengkok Bahru

3) Keng Wah Sung is not featured in the TV series. But they are my no1 Coffee stall in Sinagpore. The razor thin slices of toast are superb, go easy on the butter. (Blog)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Let Daddy digress a bit from Butter to Cheese. Those not-so-young folks will associate butter with the brand SCS (since 1905). Imagine our surprise when SCS deliver some cheese to us, and the flavours include BBQ and Black Pepper !

Some amazing parents even showcase their cheese creations in SayCheeseSingapore contest