5D4N Cycle to KL bikepacking

5D4N Cycle to KL bikepacking, six of us completed the 460km journey last October. Before this, the furthest multi-day trip I did was 3D2N to Malacca.

(This blog post is 3 months late)
Cycle to KL trip was a milestone for most of us.  Self supported tour, own navigation and exploration. Happy to meet our objectives 🙂

In fact, cycle to KL trip was a good base training (and validation) for my Korea (Seoul to Busan) ride.  You can watch my Korea cycling videos here.

Custom Google Map below captures our 5D4N Cycle to KL trail. Please view with Desktop for better experience. We have added POI for F&B and landmarks.

GPX Strava map Singapore to KL

*Many of the research and tips are from friends from Facebook group “Cycling SG to Malaysia“. Thank you Sam, Linda 🙂

5D4N, 460km Cycle to KL

Day 1 Singapore to Pontian to Batu Pahat – 160km (Strava Day 1)
Day 2 Batu Pahat to Malacca – 100km (Strava Day 2)
Day 3 Malacca to Port Dickson – 84km (Strava Day 3)
Day 4 Port Dickson to KL – 116km  (Strava Day 4) (We detoured 20km)
Day 4a KL to Bukit Tunku night climb – 16km (Strava KL night)

*If you are counting from CIQ, Melaka is only 230km.
Once you reach Melaka, KL is only 200km away.

From Strava, you will notice our 5D4N total elevation is around 1500m only.
The route from Johor to KL is relatively flat.

Do pop by our video and photos below.
YouTube cycle to KL https://youtu.be/rNB6m2l54Vk?si=yKs4uP4IoOaiGjAE

Cycle up Bukit Tunku (aka Mayor Hill)

Facebook album

You can check out my Johor cycling playlist here (8 videos)

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I did Malacca 3D2N in 2022, so I had some experience with multi-days cycling.
-How to pack your panniers?
-How to balance the load?
-I wore same jersey 5 days :p
(I shower in my jersey everyday, and use towels to dry)

However, every ride is a new experience. Different cities, climate, weather and even cycling buddies. We need to build up the dynamics.

The usual cliche. Go alone if you want Fast, go together if you want to go Far (and Safe too). Everyone need to look out for one another.

Day 0

Test loading with the panniers. Your cycling balance will be affected.  Braking and starting will take longer too.
Get accustomed to the dynamics.

Day 1 Singapore to Batu Pahat

Strava map to Batu Pahat

Early in the morning, six of us cross the busiest causeway in the world.
3 small wheels and 3 road bikes, photo below is after Malaysia customs.

Our usual breakfast haunt at Jia Qin.

Breakfast Jia Qin

Pekan Nanas pineapple landmark is popular with cyclists. From here, you are less than 20km from Pontian.

Pontian has many old school coffee shops, serving aromatic traditional kopi and toasts (涌泉香).

Our rolling speed was supposed to be 25kmh, but first two days was average 25kmh! Guess we are pumped with adrenalin 🙂

Another Landmark in Pontian.

Pontian landmark

Lunch and power-up at Restoran Rengit, we need energy for the slopes ahead (before Batu Pahat).

I always remember that after Pontian, there is a good 20,30km with minimum shade! Hot!

Restoran Rengit only has two or three items on their menu. All are good!

Love this wall mural at Rengit. So Iconic. So Instagramable.

Coffee wall mural Rengit Johor

Before reaching Batu Pahat city, there are a series of 5,6 (or is it 7) rolling coaster hills waiting for you. Use the momentum.

Slopes before Batu Pahat

Anwyn brought us to a low profile fruit store (GPS 1.80825, 102.95647, at the end of the slope). The sweet watermelon and coconut are anything but low profile 🙂

We are only a few kilometres away from checkin.

1600 – Checkin to Pinetree hotel.
Roll your bikes into the room.

Mini hot pot dinner.

We made it to Day 1. Chill ride, no surprises.

Day 2  Batu Pahat to Malacca

Strava map to Malacca

0700 Sumptuous breakfast at 富苑点心 Fock Yen Dim Sum Restoran.

The boss happens to be ex-partner for Geylang’s 126 揾到食 Dim sum. Small world!

Delicious breakfast bursting with flavours on our table.

After breakfast, we rode 40km to the next attraction.

Photo op at retro two storey house. This is behind Muar’s famous Otak Otak shop. You can climb up to the second floor too.

You will noticed by now that our ride is chill and relax type. Plenty of photos and  food explorations.

Famous Char Kway Teow stall in downtown Muar. Their CKT comes with Otak. (Pronounced as Otah in Singapore).

Cheers to cendol and fruit juice. We need more hydration.

More old-school kopi haunts 🙂
(Tin Chip Mui)

Classic Malaysia breakfast, just smash the runny egg yolk over the toast.

Bicycles are chained together, while we have our meals.

Admiring some wall murals in Muar. The “quality” of the cartoons and anime is quite decent. More wefies.

Muar street art 

Muar’s landmark Giant Rickshaw.

Fast forward 30km, and we are in the heart of Malacca (also known as Melaka).
Dutch Square (Red Square) is always crowded.

Always feels good when we reach Malacca. We are over the halfway point of our journey.

Special mention to this hunk (Desmond). Without consistent training rides, he chased us from JB to Malacca (and KL) Bravo!

1700 checkin to Marvelux Hotel.

Take note that Jonker Street night market is only opened evenings Friday to Sunday. If you wish to visit Jonker (2.5km away), please choose a nearer accomodation.

Yummy Peranakan dinner at Kam Cheng 感情. Recommend their Babi pongteh.


Day 3 Malacca to Port Dickson

Strava map to Port Dickson

My best segment was at Port Dickson (PD). Inbound and outbound, PD is packed with rolling winding hills, slopes are gradual and FUN!

Breakfast at ‘Kedai Kopi Kheng Juan Hin
(Good Kaya taoast and Kopi)

Expect constant winding slopes for the next 10km,  near the mountains and hills. Do pop by YouTube 9:48min for some of the hilly terrains.

Slopes Port Dickson cycling

The road condition is not tip top condition, expects some bouncy segments.  Use momentum to roll over the roller coaster slopes.

Fruits pitstop after the slopes, we have the sea coastal lanes.

At about 30km mark (GPS 2.3363392, 102.0610618), we reached Port Dickson’s Rainbow stairs. Hazy sea view in the background.

This is actually a mini staircase, and the swing is missing.    

You will pass a few Malay kampungs, most will sell assam fish and mango float.

We had the most welcome Mango float 2km after the bridge.  Restoran Asam Pedas Ummairah (GPS 2.4091754, 101.9691375). Only RM5 for a refreshing cup.

Double decker buses at “London Bus Retro Village“.
Folks can book the bus for a night stay too.

1330 Reach Coconut bay for lunch. The famous thing here are the “coloured” drinks and that huge tree.

We are very near to our resort.


1700 checkin to PD’s Tasik Villa International Resort

Our corner is too quiet, we needed to grab out to find some dinner and massage. Take note most massage outlets here only accept cash (no credit cards).

Dinner at Restoran Fatt Kee ( 1.5km from resort).

As we get nearer to KL, we were constantly monitoring the haze psi.
So far so good, Haze in KL has dropped to moderate level.


Day 4 Port Dickson to KL


Strava map to KL


After breakfast at resort, more winding roads welcome us out of Port Dickson. You will use Route 5 to exit PD. No worries, the climbs are gradual.

We detour a bit to wefie at Sepang F1  (GPS 2.76081, 101.72562). If you are keen, KLIA airport is just next door.

Always remember to hydrate and eat well. Cycling in Malaysia, the heat and humidity can get to you.

Detour 1)
Before KL outskirt, cyclists should remember this road called “Jalan Roller Coaster“! It is 2km of mental slopes, many fellow cyclists will need to push their bikes up.

End up, we detour 20km Left of Putrajaya (Pink route below).
If opportunity presents, I would like to cycle around Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

Image below is part of Jalan roller Coaster.
For cycling gurus, the real “Dragon back” rolling is around “Bukit Cherakah“.

Jalan roller Coaster (image credit Google Map)

Detour 2)
For those who complete Roller Coaster, you will cycle towards an university.

Sam and team (another KL cyclist) hit the university compound but found  the gate locked(weekend? holiday?). They could either climb the low wall, or detour 🙂

At GPS 2.97868, 101.73307 (junction), I would recommend you to follow Linda’s route (in yellow). Refer our custom Google Map again.

(On hindsight, I might have chosen the climbing-pain at Jalan Roller Coaster. Our own 20km detour took extra 1 hour, and eat into our time)

Since we did not attempt Jalan roller Coaster, we enjoyed chicken lunch at ‘Dapur Cik Puan’ (Route 36).


At this point, we are about 70km from Petronas Towers.
Below custom Google Map would include many F&B and landmarks in KL. (thanks to Angie).

But we underestimated the efforts needed to navigate through KL.

Dark clouds gathering as we weave through “greater” KL traffic.

Haze reports comparison. No more red zones,  we are safe.

We have been fortunate to avoid rain so far. But thunderstorm caught up with us when we were so near to KL endpoint.

1600 quick detour to avoid the rain. Good desserts at Time Off Puchong cafe.

Kiera was my buddy when we cycled to Malacca 2022 🙂
The best sweeper and he will always ensure everyone is safe.

As mentioned before, it is straightforward to cycle from Johor to Port Dickson. The challenge would be in KL itself.

Besides bad traffic jams, the roads are full of pot-holes. You cannot avoid slopes in KL (too many!)

We got lost at Mid valley. From the map, the “River of Life” is just behind us, but we needed to cycle a “loop”. River of Life is a bike path along the river, much like Singapore’s PCN.

Perhaps I got intimidated by the heavy traffic .
Perhaps we are tired.
But we cannot afford to lose our focus.

As the leader for the group, I can feel the extra stress if I lead folks down the wrong route 🙂

1910 KLCC YEs!!

So proud of ourselves!

The joy and jubilation. Sense of relief, we can be proud of ourselves.
Two wheels and leg power brought us 400km to Petronas Twin Towers!

5D4N Cycle to KL bikepacking


1700 checkin to our grand apartment “Expressionz Professional Suites @ Tun Razak

Classy and spacious loft.

Three of us went up Bukit Tunku to catch the splendid city skyline (4 KL skyscrapers). This would be the finale of our 5D4N cycle to KL ride.


We quickly unload our heavy panniers, and make our way to Bukit Tunku.  (aka Mayor’s Hill or Changkat Tunku) to see KL’s iconic towers and skyline.

Bukit Tunku was only 6km from our apartment, but navigation was not straightforward. Imagine, two phones can show two different Google Map directions!

I would say it is about x1.5 steeper than Mount Faber (expect 7 to 9% gradient). Mayor Hill is a popular spot for both cyclists and joggers.

Do not miss this climb if you are in KL.

Cycle up Bukit Tunku

The four skyscrapers are Petronas Twin, KL tower, Tun Razak Exchange & Merdeka 118.

Bukit Tunku KL Skyline view

Late dinner for the three of us. Super hungry yet feeling a deep sense of accomplishment.

Day 5 KL R&R


Chill day for us, but the haze has reappeared over the horizon.

Some of us decided to pamper ourselves with a massage. Soothe those calves and knots. Pity we did not have enough time to explore KL’s famous street food.

Delicious bowl of Ramen. KL has plenty of gourmet options to whet your appetite.

Ramen Bankara Avenue K

We hired private vans to bring us back to Singapore.
Pickup at 1300, and we target to reach Singapore in time for dinner.

We opt for comfort van, as coach\bus policy for road bikes are not streamlined. Have heard stories of road bikes rejected for storage (for whatever reasons). Sometimes a small tip for bus driver helps, sometimes bus policy requires proper bike covers.

Hyundai Starex price per pax (maximum 3 bikes) is SGD126.
If we opt for coach, it will be SGD $40 to $50.

Most importantly, do wrap your precious bikes securely, in case some luggage fall on your precious groupset.

Yummy lunch at Negri Sembilan’s Restaurant Bo Kee & You 芙蓉波仔鱼头.

Fish head Restaurant Bo Kee & You

Pitstop and shopping at Ming An(Yong Peng).

明安 Yong Peng

And that concludes our epic 5D4N Cycle to KL journey.

Happy to reach another milestone in our Malaysia Cycling exploration.
Just remember, KL is only 200km more from Malacca 🙂

When shall we ride up to Penang?

For folks who wish to explore more of KL, take note there is a Car-Free KL event every Sunday! (https://klcarfreemorning.my). Alternatively, I know “OCBC Cycle” also has a KL edition.



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