Food tasting at Raffles Hospital

Do not worry, nobody is sick or hospitalised at Raffles Hospital.

When it comes to Menus and Cuisine presentation, no efforts are spared in the design and display section. The menu even has a kids section, or Halal and Japanese meal to cater to all patients.

Unfortunately, Daddy cannot show you the detail menu items, as there are some trade secrets involved (joking).

Ambiance can be improved, as Daddy felt we are still dining in a hospital ward hehe.
The presentation is what you will normally see from a Hotel’s four-course banquet.

Let us show you the four dishes which we will be enjoying today. We got a miniature portion with cute utensils. But the flavour did not disappoint πŸ™‚

“Steamed Herbal Fish”

When we lift the lid off the herbal soup, we can literally smell the tonic essence from the chicken broth. Daddy’s favourite dish is the confinement set (with Dory fish). Now, who says only pregnant ladies can enjoy confinement cuisine.

This dish helps to meet the nutritional demands for lactating mums.

“Braised Tofu with Mixed vegetables “

The assortment of vegetables are a good source of proteins, fibre and isoflavones, which helps improve heart health.

Chef Richard explained how chicken stock has replace msg to retain the aroma. Hospital food need not be bland.

“Penang Seafood Kway Teow”

We are still in a hospital, so all food must be healthy and nutritional. This Kway Teow is a healthier version, approved by our dietician. Health conscious patients will be glad to know the calories and fats intake are half that of the sinful less-healthy version.

Daddy confess he misses the sinful version, where Kway Teow comes with lard and hum (cockles). Chef Richard and his team are always trying to come up with more “healthy” versions of Singapore’s famous hawker food.

“Beef Lasagne”

The last dish is packed with protein and iron. Our lasagne is laden with cheese and tomato. Delicious.

Daddy is still pleasantly surprised with his first Hospital food-tasting invite. Not many people will find Hospital food delectable (gulp), but thanks to Raffles restaurant Hospital, Daddy’s perception has changed πŸ™‚

Our friendly hosts emphasize that their objective and attention towards healthier yet delicious Cuisine has only one objective. That is for patients to absorb sufficient nutrition, so that they can quickly recover and go home.

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