Dentiste is Lovers’ toothpaste

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Muachs, Smooches, Hugs and kisses! XOXO ♥♥
Confession, I am not really good at expressing my love, much less kissing in the middle or Orchard Road!

Yet, that was what we did infront of Cineleisure, at Dentiste’s booth. Well, you might say pedestrians can only see our silhouettes, but nevertheless it was a new, daring and Fun experience for us.
dentiste booth Orchard
(image credit Dentiste Fanpage)

Dentiste’s Nighttime Toothpaste is the 1st Nighttime Toothpaste in Singapore and this kissing event was supposed to drum up more brand awareness. But I was pleasantly surprised when I came across the kissing project (Japanese version).

Video : Kissing can be Cute 🙂

Some of the benefits from Dentiste Oral products are listed below. We heard the toothpaste contains 14 Natural extracts, Xylitol, Vitamin C and other essential natural ingredients.
Dentiste benefits
dentiste oral products

At Dentiste’s booth, we got a quick orientation about their products and good oral hygiene habits.
Kids had a go at the lucky dips.
20151122 Dentiste1

Behind the scene, we were actually perspiring before our kiss sequence. Maybe the room is too hot, or we are nervous of kissing in public.
20151122 Dentiste

Interestingly, Dentiste Toothpaste is also known as Lover’s toothpaste. More sweet kissing frames from couples.
Dentiste smooches
(image credit Dentiste Fanpage)

14 natural extracts help keep oral bacteria away while I sleep. That means my breath (and kiss) smells fresher in the morning. Yes, Darling?

Good night every one, there is no more excuses for bad breaths in the morning.

Dentiste’ products are sold in all major retail stores. More details can be found on Dentiste Fanpage.
Watch Singapore’s 1st Dentiste’ Silhouette Event video HERE.