Desa Cow Farm in Sabah

We know Desa Cow Farm offers kids and family an opportunity to feed farm animals.
What we did not know was the nice cool temperature, around 20 to 25 degrees aircon weather!

Desa cow farm
Desa cow farm

Look at the pockets of clouds floating across, and the green grassy meadow. This could be a scene out of New Zealand. Sabah? Unbelievable!

One of Sabah’s iconic bridge. Tourists will normally pass this suspension bridge at Tamparuli. Our guide told us the name came from someone who mis-heard “temporary” hee hee. Any Sabahan can verify?
Tamparuli bridge

Kids were curious to see cars giving way to each other on the single lane. No traffic lights πŸ™‚
day 4 kk

At the other end of the bridge lies a small marketplace. Visitors can buy some local produce or souvenirs.
day 4 kk2

But walk another 3 min infront and you will catch a glimpse of Mount Kinabalu!
If you are lucky, you can even see Mount KK’s peak and grandeur.
View of Mount Kinabalu

Pineapples anyone? We noticed the folks around this area loves pineapples?
day 4 kk1

Our friendly guides from Amazing Borneo, Stephanie and Eric πŸ™‚ We got a comfortable 10 seater van to ferry us all over Sabah.

As we near our destination and our ride climb higher, certain sections of the road is covered in fog!
Desa Cow Farm

Desa Cow Farm
is located at Kundasang, about 2 hours plus drive from KK city.

Climb the rocks to get a better view, and photo op.

Besides enjoying the cool scenery, kids enjoyed feeding milk and grass to the cows, and ice cream for themselves.
day 4 kk15

We ended up feeding more cows and goats than expected and itinerary was delayed. Nevermind, as long as the kids are enjoying themselves πŸ™‚
Sabah cow farm

Kids disliked the cow’s long yucky tongue, too slimy and sticky haha.
day 4 kk12

The cows outdoor seem to be enjoying a better (greener) lifestyle.
day 4 kk13

Kids now understand how milk are extracted and process into ice cream πŸ™‚
day 4 kk7

At high attitute, the sky is always blue and cloud white. Hundreds of Instagram worthy photos await.
day 4 kk9
day 4 kk8

We spend almost two hours at Desa Cow Farm, entry is free. Bottled milk for the cows cost RM1.50, and grass (for goats) RM1.00. We will recommend Desa Cow farm for all animal-loving families.

-GPS 6.016596, 116.591522

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