2D1N stay at Legoland Malaysia Hotel

Christmas celebration came early for us. We were invited to a 2D1N stay at Legoland Malaysia’s new hotel.

We had earlier blog about why you need 2 full days to enjoy your stay at Legoland Resort (Theme park, Water Park and now Hotel).

Whether you enter the Hotel from the front (dragon) or back (4 giant figurines), the entrance is equally Impressive. It is ok to “WoW”. The green dragon will grunt and spew fumes every 30 minutes !

Continue reading as we will share why the Hotel’s interior can easily sustain 3 to 4 hours worth of Fun !

Our family got to enjoy a Pirate Themed Deluxe room. It has an extra room with bunk bed, which means three extra sleeping space (total 8 )

We suspect all respectable Junior pirates will need to occupy the TOP bunk.

(image credit Legoland)

All bedrooms come with a king-size bed, and a separate sleeping area for the kids (bunk bed). More details about room difference and amenities are available on Legoland Hotel website.

Adults can forget about sleeping on the top bunk, it is kids’ territory.

Bunk bed fun, our cousins pop by after their Waterpark tour πŸ™‚
LEgoland Malaysia Hotel bunk bed

Every room comes equipped with a Duplo box, everyone is delighted.
View from Legoland Hotel room

No effort was spared on the Lego creations ! Everyone is impressed.

We love the themed carpets and potholes along the corridors. Through the potholes, kids can peep at the Lobby’s activities.

The Legoland Hotel experience has been mind boggling thus far, we struggle to remind the kids that it is meal time!

Room package is bundled with buffet breakfast at Bricks Family restaurant. The restaurant serves a wide variety of delectable cuisine, and we love the spacious environment (seats 465 guests).

..and wait till you see more Lego figurines, which tags a smile to most families.

If we are not mindful, we might pick up the Lego version of banana or watermelon !

Adults will soon noticed that kids always crowd around the “Ice Cream Factory” haha.

Do take note photo ops with lifesize Legoland Figurines is not a regular feature at Family Bricks Restaurant. They were only available during the opening weekend.
Legoland Hotel breakfast

Smiling faces, Legoland Hotel just secured more happy customers πŸ™‚

After our lunch, families headed to Water Park or/and Themepark (courtesy of Legoland), while media team and bloggers continue to work explore the rest of the hotel.

Be it Pirates, Adventure or Kingdom themes, families will be thrilled. Once we step out of the lift door, the themed carpet and wallpaper heightens our expectations.

Inside every room is a treasure chest. It also doubles as a safe, but you need to find 4 clues to unlock it! What a Fun and ingenious way to entertain the kids.

For families who choose Adventure rooms, creepy crawlies and Indiana Jones (lookalike) treasure-hunting will capture our imagination.

Do you like the movies “Mummy or Scorpion King”?

Watch out for that menacing scorpion when you are showering.

On the 5th floor, we did not have a chance to dip in the infinity pool, but we can imagine the nice uninterrupted view.

Daddy could not resist taking a photo of the gents too.

We love the Funky Disco lifts ! Groovy music will start playing everytime the door closes. Pity we can only boogie for 1 floor (as we live on 1st Floor duh).

Those living on the higher floors will enjoy the lift rides !

We will see these cute Lego figures hiding around each corner. An explorer or a porter.

If you like King, Knight or royalty, maybe a Kingdom theme will suit the little prince and princess? Kingdom’s suite is the only room with a bathtub.

Sorry there are no girly-themed rooms in Legoland πŸ™‚

(image credit Legoland)

After going through three well designed themed rooms, we save the best for last, the Lobby! The humble lobby and reception is where guests form their first impressions.

Daddy is amazed at this jaw dropping 12,528 mini-figures feature wall !

Watch our for the bicycle, it’s wheels are huge magnifying glass. Every minifigure is unique, and we had the luxury to inspect them close up.

The lobby is shouting WELCOME to LegoLand Hotel. We love Ollie dragon, the castle and even the wrecked pirate ship.

Boys can try playing the Knight and save the damsel in distress. They must first hide from the Ogre !

Look up, anything which can be constructed with Lego bricks, has been accomplished.

Kids will be kept busy with the Lego bricks, some 100,000 of them, you can literally swim with Lego bricks!
Legoland Malaysia Hotel children activities

Photo frames depict Legoland’s milestones. Sometimes, we forget that Legoland only started in Malaysia on 15 Sep 2012. Since then, Water Park and Hotel has started operations.

Have you read our blog about the snoring Uncle who has slept through all the constructions?

Lego City, every floor got some activities. If parents need an extra 15 minutes of free time, get the kids to count the number of floors or the number of figurines :p

If parents need 2 hours of break, try Kinect! So thoughtful of Legoland hotel.
While waiting to checkin, kids can entertain themselves or challenge a partner.

Love the danger sign “Kids at work!” haha

(image credit Legoland)

The only DANGER is kids do not wish to leave… (applies to Summer and Emily‘s families too haha)

This is the first time we noticed Legoland’s marvelous sunset!

Can you feel Legoland’s Christmas mood? The Christmas tree at Theme Park is made from 400,000 Duplo bricks and should make everyone smile. Christmas activities starts daily from 6.50pm.

The media group and families were invited to participate in some festive caroling at the Christmas tree.

Goodnight Legoland?

Not so fast, we followed Cheekiemonkies around Theme Park’s rides until closure at 8pm. Cool evening, no queues, unlimited rides, hey Project-X and Dragon certainly looks less intimidating when we cannot see clearly haha.

We should do a late night exploration again yeah.
Legoland Malaysia Night shot

It is always more Fun to explore Legoland with our friends πŸ™‚

The next day, we reluctantly check out from Legoland, on to part 2 of our itinerary.

Thank you Legoland for the vacation, our family loves the resort and we are sure more families will enjoy our experience too πŸ™‚

For more photos of our 2D1N stay, pop by SengkangBabies fanpage album. All our Legoland experiences are available at this link.

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Legoland Hotel consists of 249 Themed room (sleeps 2+3), 7 Pirate Deluxe (sleeps 2+3+3), and 8 Kingdom suites. More Legoland details can be found on their Website and Fanpage, and everything about Legoland Hotel here.

** Room rates pricing (and availability) differs according to Legoland peak and non-peak periods
* Transport options and rooms comparison are mentioned here

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