DiggerSite, dig for Fun !

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If you pass by East Coast, you might think DiggerSite is a real construction site. Until you see beaming kids controlling the mini excavators πŸ™‚

“Construction site” with real signboards and Personal Protective Equipment. Hello Fans of “Bob The builders” and “Transformers Constructicons”, what are you waiting for!

Realistic background, kids need to wear helmet and safety vest too! The SG50 “DANGER” t-shirt is optional but super adorable.
20160528 diggersite1

$50 gets you 10 tokens, believe me when I say the rides are very addictive. You can choose to spend all tokens on one day, or use within 3 months.
20160528 diggersite

Indoor excavator is cool (literally) as room is air conditioned πŸ™‚ Play UFO and pickup up the balls by maneuvering the grip. Challenge each other to see who has the best reflexes.
20160528 diggersite3

It looks easy, but you need good coordination to control the excavator, up,down,left,right, grab and release etc. Under the helmet, players will soon perspire, it is tough to work in the construction industry.

Outdoor SAND Play, need I say more? The whole area is under a roof, so we are sheltered from the sun.
20160528 diggersite4

We spend the most time at the wrecking balls section. Kids were trying to outdo each other by challenging each other to knock down all the pins first.
20160528 diggersite5

The excavators are fixed to the ground, so no worries about the kids driving off or knocking down the roofs! It is very safe as long as kids listen to the safety instructions and do not go near other moving excavators.
20160528 diggersite6

We understand log section was only two weeks old, the shelter was not even up yet (it is ready now). Kids love the challenge of picking the log and dumping it into the wheelbarrow.
20160528 diggersite7

Video (Link) : Fun digging at DiggerSite

Some kids (and adults) might have coordination problems, others look like experienced supervisors. But everyone will have fun. If you need to know, my girl is on par or better than her brothers πŸ™‚

I was so tempted to challenge the kids but was worried that other kids will think “Uncle” snatch their toy.
20160528 diggersite8

More than the thrill rides, the staffs at DiggerSite are all very friendly and patient.
They are good with kids and keep engaging kids on the correct techniques.

Souvenirs for hardcore fans πŸ™‚
20160528 diggersite2

Happy siblings, happy parents.
20160528 diggersite9

DiggerSite mentioned that excavators are suitable for kids 3 and up. Most parents would not mind letting the child sit on their laps.

Diggersite Address : Diggersite, 1020 East Coast Pkwy, Singapore 449878
Contact Number : No Contact number, but we would recommend you to message Diggersite beforehand for availability. Seems like a few childcare centers will be bringing the kids down πŸ™‚

Operating hours : 11am to 9pm (Mon to Fri), 9am to 9 pm(Sat,Sun and Public Holiday)
Tickets : $7 per ride (5 minutes), x3 tickets bundle at $18, we recommend getting the membership for 10 rides at $50 (valid for three months)

More details about DiggerSite can be found on their Fanpage.
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