Dinosnores! A sleepover with Dinosaurs

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When we were invited to pack our sleeping bags for a Dinosaur sleepover (Dinosnores!), Daddy packed his pyjamas faster than our pillows!

Daddy loved his earlier exposure at “Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction“, and two boys will be joining him to sleep under the watchful eyes of Dinosaurs for one night!

Our interactive tour started at 7pm, after the last visitors have left Artscience Museum. Can you imagine having the whole Museum to yourself?

Our friendly guide shared more history about the dinosaurs and fossils.

There are quizzes along the way, and kids will try to guess the answer from their play cards clue.

Under the shadows, the dinosaurs seem to project a life of it’s own.
The background sound effects heightens our senses, just in case a dinosaur decides to ambush us infront.

If not for the chatty kids, the Museum would be very quiet. Their excitement and inquisitive nature echoes down the corridor.

Excavation and exploration is tiring, no one will ever say paleontologist is an easy job, so many things to remember, no wonder kids got hungry quickly.

Our light dinner consists of sandwich and cheese hotdog, although some will go for crackers.
**The Dinosnores! package comes with one light dinner and one breakfast.

(Dining image courtesy of Cheekiemonkie.net)

“Stop Motion: Dinosaurs Wipe-out!” is the first of three workshops for our Dinosnores! itinerary.

In a few easy steps, our Stop Motion movie is completed.
(1) set up props and background, (2) move the dinosaurs, (3)ipod snap, (4)Youtube.

This is the junior directors and producers’ first dinosaur premier. Introducing the producers from (SengkangBabies, CheekieMonkie and OurParentingWorld).

The whole project is manned by kids, from story-conception, scripts, special effects and editing !

Video : How do you like our joint production “Fire and Water Disaster!”? Daddy gave our effort 8/10!

Our kids normally sleep by 10pm, but Ben Stiller’s “Night at the Museum” got some surprise for the kids.

Everyone grab a beanbag, a few pieces of chocolate cookies and settle down for some museum thrills. It must be a pure coincidence that we are sleeping over in a Museum too.

Daddy hoped no one will be woken up by Trex nightmares!

Time to snore snooze, lights out at 12 midnight.

We got three layers of blankets to insulate against the cool 22 degrees. We recommend a pair of socks too.

** blankets and pillows are provided, we just need to bring our own yoga-mat or sleeping-bag to cushion the hard wooden floor

Sleepover Museums

How often do you get to sleep under the watchful eyes of vicious predators and shadowy menacing teeth. Sweet dreams “Lessemsaurus” ๐Ÿ™‚

It was not long before Snores (humans not dinosaurs!) started rumbling around our Den.

Video : Catch a snippet of our Dinosnores! tour

We woke up to croissants and muffins, coffee and milo.
We have not gotten over our surreal dinosaur sleepover experience yet.

You can choose to go alfresco at the waterhole too, with yucky vermins for company ๐Ÿ™‚

#Workshop 2 – Puppet making, why do all the boys chose the lizard?

Cast the colourful lizards under the sunlight and see their colourful shadows come alive.
Dinosaurs Dawn to extinction

Boys will be boys, they need to determine who is the alpha male lizard.

#Workshop 3 – We became Dr Rich’s junior Paleontologists. Kids also learn how to distinguish between carnivores and herbivores.

Everyone wanted to volunteer to find the next fossil or footprint.
Dinosaur puppets

Did you notice a cute Trex in the toilet cubicle? This is just a cartoon for relief (pun unintended).

The bloggers participating in ArtScience Museum’s first sleepover event.

If you are looking for some unusual activity, or if you wish to engage the kids in dinosaurs knowledge, try ArtScience Museum’s DinoSnores! We promise you, the sleepover is anything but a snore ๐Ÿ™‚

The whole package shouts “experience”.
A first time sleepover for Boon Kang, a first for ArtScience Museum too.
To have the Museum exclusively to ourselves, it is an amazing experience.

If kids have a word to describe their “Dinosnores”, it would be Cool!

How to excavate dinosaur fossils

To quote from ArtScience Museum :

16 & 21 March 2014 6.30pm to 10am the following day
Travel back in time to the land of the dinosaurs as you spend a night among the exciting exhibits of Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction. Complete the roaring experience with interactive workshops, a movie screening and more!

$120 per child (only for children aged 6 to 12 years). Free for accompanying adults*.
*Maximum four children per adult. The number of adults must not exceed the number of children per booking.

To book, please call +65 6688 8826 or visit any Marina Bay Sands box office.

– Pop by our Fanpage albums for more Fun Dinosnores photos.
– Read our previous experience at Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction.
– More details are available at Marina Bay Sands website.

Thank you ArtScience Museum for the unforgettable sleepover experience.

Dinosaurs at ArtScience Museum

[ Media Invite ]

How do you combine Arts and Science (prehistoric) together? From 25th Jan to 27th Jul, ArtScience Museum aims to do that with Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction.

Dinosaur lovers rejoice, there are a few dinosaur exhibitions in Singapore.

Earlier, we were brought back in time by renowned paleontologist and curator Dr Patricia Vickers-Rich (Dr Rich). She shared with the audience that dinosaurs are not only about T-Rex, there are so many smaller mammals which proved to be more important in terms of evolutions !

Dr Rich hopes visitors will gain a deeper understanding on how species evolved and adapt to changing environmental conditions.

The huge wallpaper at the entrance throw the visitors (both kids and adults ) into perspective. Dinosaurs are Giant mean creatures which are always Hungry.

Is that not the perception from Jurassic Park movies :p

Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction aims to cover the era before dinosaurs all the way until their extinction. We got to know that this is first-of-its-kind exhibition combining four exhibitions from the renowned American Museum of Natural History, San Juan National Science Museum, SCI! Expo at Monash University and artist Peter Trusler.

Our exhibition’s prehistoric timeline stretches back a whopping 600 Millions years !

The gallery has some impressive numbers :
– floor area – 3700 sq meters
– Over 400 fossils and models
– 50 original artworks

We are in ArtScience Museum.

If Dr Rich and her team of paleontologists are the “Science”, Peter Trusler will be the “Arts”. Accompanying the exhibits will be life-like and vivid portraits of dinosaurs in their prehistoric world.

Did you know Dinosaurs meant “Terrible lizards” in Latin?

Here is one of the fierce battle scene between predator and prey. The prey (Lessemsaurus) measures 19m and it has to fight off crocodile’s ancestors.

During the late Triassic period, mammals start appearing. Being smaller means they are more agile and can hide easily.

One of them would evolve to become Human being’s distance ancestors.

What can we learn from prehistoric creatures’ teeth?

How does Amphibians (like this salamander look alike) adapt?

Traces of foot prints leading to more discoveries.

There is even a section with the skies blanketed by Aurora. Catch the Aurora in video clip below.

Video Tour of Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction

Where does Birds evolve from?

With the help of computer animation, we witness how an Apatosaurus could actually move.

(image credit ArtScience Museum)

Stegosaurus, with it’s beautiful plates was one of Daddy’s favourite dinosaurs.

A lot of kids are still fascinated with T-Rex’s nemesis, the Triceratops.

T-Rex skull and foot print, arguably the most well known dinosaur.

If you are into science, history and all things prehistoric, you will need at least two trips to absorb everything at this exhibition.

Near the end of the Dinosaur’s rule, paleontologists are still trying to figure out whether a Meteorite (or some other factors) wiped out the Dinosaurs.

Some of the relics survivors are still living in our world today.

At the end of the exhibition, we ask ourselves.
– What are we learning from the ancient animals?
– What cause the dinosaur’s extinction? Can we humans prevent our own extinction?
– How can human beings protect our future?

Visitors will be able to enhance their interaction and experience if they download Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction app.

Your photo printout might even include AR (Augmented reality) dinosaurs !

Listen to Dr Rich’s explanation or try to imagine what sounds dinosaurs are projecting.

Or you can imagine a Komodo dragon running after you, except this species (Megalania) measure 7m long !

At the children’s section, kids can participate in “shadow puppets”, or they can plan the dinosaurs’ demise in a Stop Motion Dinosaur Wipe-out film. 3D printout and Storytelling are also available.

Do take note children’s activities might need prior registration. Do pop by ArtScience Museum website for details.

Souvenirs for dino fans, there is a Dinosaur edition of Monopoly too !

Fellow paleontologist wanabes, Daddy Andy, Kelvin and Jerome. We are all excited about the Dino exhibits.

Crocodile poo awaits near the toilet entrance ๐Ÿ™‚

Our kids are always curious about dinosaurs, even the purple one :p

More photos can be found on SengkangBabies fanpage.

Click for more details about Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction or ArtScience Museum‘s other exhibition.

Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction ticket pricing for residents :
– Adult – $20
– Child (2 to 12 years old) – $13
– Senior (>65 years old) – $18

Opening hours : Daily: 10:00am – 7:00pm
(including public holidays)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

ps.. We had visited Science Centre’s “Titans of the Past” too, but Daddy suspect kids will prefer the dinosaurs at ArtScience Museum. Soon, Singapore’s Natural History Museum will house three sauropods dinosaurs, with one of them 27m long !